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0 3t h sisal used boiler

Why our clients prefer natural gas fired 0 3t h sisal used boiler? On the one hand, it depends on the factory values, this beverage factory needs clean environment. Natural gas fired boiler has little air pollution, and solid waste pollution. On the other hand, packaged natural gas fired boilers are acceptable to common people. Natural gas fired boiler, like this 6 ton, it must be packaged boiler, horizontal structure. This kind of boiler has small occupation area. And our ZG brand WNS series boiler, has automatic operation system, very convenient to control boiler operator. Our gas fired steam boiler with imported burner, its thermal efficiency can reach into 92%. This is energy saving to all users.

Boiler and steam conditions What? 1) normal 0 3t h sisal used boiler plant, combustion stability. 2 vapor pressure) and steam the furnace tube is slightly lower than the vapor pressure of main steam 1 to 2 psig pressure in the boiler; Table 2-3 high pressure boiler. This is to avoid excessive pressure is not very stable Ambassador temperature steam into the oven from the start a lot of steam main pipe, causing the steam with water, boiler water level impact and instability. 3) steam temperature and steam oven should be slightly rating, and specific values ​​should be considered equipment conditions. This is to avoid over-temperature and rapid decrease due to the steam or steam temperature steam main pipe and the furnace for the force with water (4) drum water level is maintained low level. This is because in order to avoid contact with the steam and the water level rises over the water load (5) steam quality (including Na +, or the amount of salt content) qualified. This is to avoid vapor and steam oven failed to affect the quality of the mother pipe steam quality.

Enterprise managers should pay attention to the supervision of the work of the 0 3t h sisal used boiler water, and give full play to the functions of regulators, prompting the staff pay attention to the work of boiler water treatment from ideology. In addition, regulators should also propose specific indicators boiler water treatment, and is checked regularly, and urge them to work to change attitudes and improve the quality of work, in order to protect the smooth development of the work of boiler water treatment.

Shanxi Province to respond positively to treatment advice on remediation since 2014, new registrations of 10 steam tons / hour coal-fired 0 3t h sisal used boilers and environmental supervision of the central group feedback, recently, government inspectors focus group, conducted a comprehensive inspection of coal-fired boilers activities, to grasp the progress and corrective measures to ensure the successful completion of the renovation work.

The statistics, since 2014, Datong new registered 10 steam tons / hour and a total of 48 coal-fired boilers, according to the provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision requirements, the county district special equipment related regulatory authorities have the 48 legally registered boilers Log off, and conduct regular inspections. As of to date, 36 units have been removed, still with 11 units, the remaining aspects of the transformation of a substance being born.

Currently, 11 boilers are still in use, some have been re-ordered natural gas boiler, gas pipeline work underway access; some have been able to replace air heating equipment; also because of the administrative division adjustment, need to further define the charge of the task.

Follow-up inspection staff proposed remediation work boiler suggested that there was any objection to the main regulatory responsibility, clear as soon as possible; dismantled boiler, strengthen follow-up supervision; boilers still in use, depending on the circumstances be accountable to county-owned enterprises; the ongoing transformation of the boiler, a clear transformation is complete to confirm compliance and acceptance of responsibility department, and follow-up supervision.

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