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10 ton cotton stalk boiler details

Factors affecting thermal efficiency of 10 ton cotton stalk boiler detailsIn order to improve the boiler thermal efficiency, save fuel, and increase the thermal economy of boiler work, it is necessary to analyze the factors that affect the boiler thermal efficiency. According to the formula of counter-equilibrium efficiency, the factors affecting thermal efficiency are heat loss of exhaust smoke, heat loss of chemical incomplete combustion, heat loss of mechanical incomplete combustion, heat loss of heat dissipation and physical heat loss of ash. These heat losses are analysed below.

How to avoid steam 10 ton cotton stalk boiler details with a steam condenser water use and benefits of this kind of boiler steam boiler, for now, it is widely used, but a particular kind of boiler common and often used to, so the need for a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, so as to derive relevant expertise, and to increase their amount of knowledge, rather than wasted every opportunity to learn. 1. How to avoid steam boiler with a steam severe water? Steam boiler in the course, if you want to avoid this serious problem with water vapor, the following should do a good job in these areas, which is specifically as follows: 1 aspect: boiler feed water and steam boiler water quality and testing , must meet GB1576-2001 "industrial boiler water quality," the provisions of this standard in the requirements must be strictly enforced, can not be careless and lax. Welding the inner drum member boiler inspection, the drawings and installation meets the requirements, and the installation is in place, focusing check waterwall steam duct closing plate and the header inserted at the drum and the drum: Aspect 2 as appropriate, and whether there are good quality welding, welding defects if there is a problem. In addition, the welding between the sealing sheet tightly and also has good welding quality, soda or a mixture of steam enters the tube through an underwater orifice, thereby generating the above-described problem. Aspect 3: Check to see if the gap between the plates underwater seal tightly, and steam as well as inter-well plates and whether uniform and sealed drum connection. 2. Is gas steam boiler condenser plus without a difference? Gas-fired steam boiler plus without condenser, from a professional point of view, the gas steam boiler is a certain influence, and the condenser boiler plus you can bring some benefits, are as follows: 1 benefit: through the condenser heat fill the water tank, it can indirectly increase the temperature of the boiler water, boiler of the steam to shorten the time to reach in a short time using less natural gas can be an equal amount of steam. 2 benefits: lower exhaust gas temperature, improve the utilization of natural gas and the achievement of environmental protection. 3. Which valve steam boiler heating system will be used? Steam boiler heating system, the valve will be used, there is a main shut-off valve, drain valve, ball valve, safety valve four valves, wherein the ball valve is in the water gauge, a safety valve in the water supply system is of. A valve and drain valve that is rarely used, and are not common.

Further: LDR, WDR type electric heating 10 ton cotton stalk boiler detailss represent the vertical and horizontal, R represents water, but is not expressed as a hot water boiler, LDR, WDR also electric heating type steam boiler.

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