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(11)What are the hazards of boiler not cleaning in time

The boiler should do a good job of cleaning every day, and the scale should be cleaned in time to avoid unnecessary losses. Let's see what harm the boiler scale has. Causes the boiler metal heating surface to overheat, damages the boiler, shortens the service life. The fouling formed on the heating surface of the boiler, and the cooling of the metal wall was affected, which resulted in the rise of the wall temperature, the decrease of the mechanical strength of the metal material, the deformation of the heated surface, the bulging, the explosion of the tube, etc., and serious explosion even occurred. The boiler is damaged and the service life is affected. 2. Reduce boiler evaporation, reduce boiler thermal efficiency, waste fuel. The presence of boiler scale is equivalent to adding a layer of thermal resistance to the heating surface because The thermal conductivity of the scale is much lower than that of steel, which hinders the transfer of heat, makes the heat emitted from fuel combustion unable to transfer water effectively, the moisture does not measure the heat, and the heat on the flue gas side loses with the exhaust of smoke, so the output of the boiler should be reduced. A waste of fuel. According to statistics, a millimeter of scale wastes about 2% of fuel. 3. Destroy normal boiler water circulation, forced to stop furnace maintenance, increase maintenance costs. After scaling in boiler water pipe, the flow cross-section of boiler pipe decreases, and the flow power of water circulation is increased, even completely clogged when the water circulation is serious. Destroys the boiler normal water circulation, the pipe burns down, forced to shut down the furnace overhaul. Waste of manpower, material resources, Cause damage. In a word, the scale is harmful to the boiler, so that the boiler can not run safely and economically.

The fuel used in the steam boiler is coal. The user should choose superior coal for its boiler. feeding water

Before feeding water the furnace ash should be cleared. The coal should be fed up, at least 1/2 of the furnace. In this way, it is not only economical but also effective. ignition

Advantages and characteristics on boiler gas hot water Module Description: Module gas 1000 hp mobile lng hot water boiler dealer is a gas hot water boiler, which is run by a combination of a lot of boilers, reach the size of the entire ton boiler boiler single. Gas hot water boiler module advantages: the intelligence module gas boiler is relatively high, heat faster, low noise, less dust in the boiler industry now also have some sales efforts.

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