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The correct method of operation of steam 1000 hp portable lpg boiler systems sellers (a) Power: 1. The operator must first have a fireman qualifications, so that the holder operation. The person in charge should carefully read the operating manual of the equipment, knowledge and proficiency in the safe operation method. 2. Before each boot to check the gas valve is open, otherwise the burner does not work. 3. Start button Power Control cabinet control, digital display window displayed at this time the current pressure in the furnace, the pressure level of the boiler with reference to the judgment section control instructions. 4. After starting the burner, the first pre-purge fan 30-50 seconds, and then open the gas valve; i.e. establish a flame. (With reference to the specific burner combustion process instructions) 5. Start and stop by the boiler burner is issued by the controller to start and stop instruction according to pressure changes (this function is automatic) The operator should always observe the change in pressure occurs when the abnormal phenomenon immediately shut down, the cease-fire. You should always observe the water level, in particular to ensure that the tank is full of water 6. fill the boiler operation during operation. The operator shall periodically to the boiler blowdown, boiler water quality assurance. 7. Once the boiler during operation anomalies operators should be shut down immediately after treatment failure re-boot. 8. A burner for a three-phase power supply the operator should be determined before the first start motor forward, reverse, or can not normal ignition. (At this time, the fan stops burner ten seconds after the start, the alarm control box) (ii) shutdown: 1 off two situations: First: When the furnace pressure reaches the set value is automatically shut down, then The operator does not have to do anything. 2. The second is: and artificially stop down shift, then the operator should press the stop key boiler controller, turn off the burner, and then turn off the controller; Once complete stop combustion disconnect the power. 3. To turn off the gas valve when the pipeline for a long time, in order to avoid the risk of leaks.

The main components of the gas 1000 hp portable lpg boiler systems seller which: gas burner 5 is constructed of the following system components: 1, the function that the air supply system, air supply system into the wind speed a certain amount of air to the combustion chamber, its main components are: a housing, fan motor,

Electric steam 1000 hp portable lpg boiler systems seller heated by resistance heating resistance heating, electric heating means is a steam boiler using resistive heating element for heating the tubular. Electric heating steam boiler is structurally easier superimposed combination, and the control flexibility, easy maintenance and replacement. Currently electric boiler basically using resistive heating element for heating the tubular electric boiler. Electromagnetic induction heating means, by the magnetic energy into electrical energy, and then the steel member is heated to a magnetic induction, a heating generates heat. Electric heating source is steam boiler electric boiler heating system, the heat medium is water, the use of electricity valley difference, at low power, electric heating timely open the steam boiler, the water in the tank is heated, heat, storage, backup power to peak time then. When the power supply peak power of peace, the need for timely close the electrically heated steam boilers, hot water heating continued storage tank, so as to save energy.

2018ISH heating HVAC industry event, fast Boiler "Thalia T7" was set aside to hold the event May 23, ISHChina & CIHE China (Beijing) International heating ventilation air conditioning, heat pumps fresh air and home comfort systems and technology exhibition in Beijing International Exhibition hot center opening.

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