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1000 PSI hot water boiler high pressure

Changes with the seasons or otherwise affect, the user demand for heat output of the boiler also vary, fast low-nitrogen side condensing gas boiler may employ a plurality of combined control mode of operation, according to the different needs of the user adjust the number of operating flexibility, can meet user needs, but also avoid unnecessary waste.

Gas boiler safety rules recently customers find us, consult safety procedures and precautions gas boiler, for you this question, our technical staff providing answers. Gas boiler safety procedures and precautions. ① When the gas boiler body found abnormal phenomenon, how to do security incidents shutdown control device failure should move off the emergency button to stop the boiler operation; ② boiler feed pump damage, mediation device failure, emergency disconnect button should move, stop boiler operation; ③ when faced with a problem of power fuels take off pressing the emergency button; ④ when the boiler or jeopardize the safety of the phenomenon should be taken to an emergency shutdown; 5. Start and stop by the boiler burner is issued by the controller to start and stop instruction according to pressure changes (this function is automatic) The operator should always observe the change in pressure can occur if the abnormal stop immediately, cease-fire. 6. You should always observe the water level, in particular to ensure that the boiler operation fill the tank full of water during operation. The operator shall periodically to the boiler blowdown, boiler water quality assurance. 7. Once the boiler during operation anomalies operators should be shut down immediately after treatment failure re-boot. 8. A burner for a three-phase power supply the operator should be determined before the first start motor forward, reverse, or can not normal ignition. (At this time, the fan stops burner ten seconds after the start, the alarm control box).

2, boiler quality problems

An important problem is the quality of the selection of gas-fired boilers have to consider, to solve this problem involves two steps:

Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Government issued the latest "2018 ~ 2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan" (the "Program"), "plan" put forward specific remediation requirements: the city's 65 steam tons / hour and above the basic realization of coal-fired boilers coal-fired power plant ultra-low emission standards, the development of energy-saving and ultra-low emissions rehabilitation programs for 65 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boilers, the implementation started after the end of the heating season. Before the end of this year, within the city basically eliminated 35 tons of steam / h and coal-fired boilers of 25 iron and steel industrial enterprises discharge waste depths of governance, the basic completion of the iron and steel, building materials, thermal power, coking, casting and other key industries and coal-fired boiler fugitive emissions control.

"Plan" the implementation process to uphold the objectives warm winter and clean heating double standards, combined with the actual development of coal-fired boiler rehabilitation programs, to ensure completion before the end of the year 206,100 rural residents to use clean energy alternative to coal for combustion. Guidelines established after the first break, for the substitution of gas for coal to electricity instead of coal and other alternatives, in the case of gas supply, power supply is not implemented, the existing heating facilities will not be dismantled until the gas supply, power supply after the successful implementation be removed. And to develop high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban zoning adjustment programs, complete with electricity instead of coal, substitution of gas for coal in the region included the range of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban. For failure to implement the heating area clean, good smokeless coal tender, production, supply, to ensure smokeless coal substitute the existing polluting large coal-fired boilers. Among them, before the heating period to complete large-scale centralized distribution, heating Doing the fragmented coal blending, before the end of December 2018, the actual realization of bulk coal dealers cleared.

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