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2 sets 20ton hot water boiler russia

Recently, the Anyang city government released the 2018 benchmark of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises citation, to be commended and encouraged Anyang nine local enterprises. I company with a solid technology skills, steady pace of development and constantly aggressive determination to win awards municipal government. As a high-tech fast square boiler manufacturing enterprises, while maintaining infrastructure, adhere to scientific and technological innovation path of development, follow the development of high-quality, strengthen management, attention to restructuring, rushed development, highlights frequent, becoming the city's technology and industrial double front of the vanguard, Anyang City for a number of honors in the country, enhance the technological competitiveness of the city.

The fully sealed membrane wall is widely used in modern boilers, and the expansion center is established. Therefore, around the boiler, there are many directional components above and below to ensure that the expansion center is the zero point and expand in a certain direction. Whatever does not bulge according to the design value, there must be residual stress, will be involved in the safety of support crane, must investigate its causes, in case of accident.

A boiler operating advantages, large font temperature, and easy to grasp the operation status of the boiler system, the temperature can be freely set from 10 deg.] C to 90 ℃, automatic heating boiler or the system provides users with live, bath with hot water. 2, the control system controls the circulation pump start and stop in accordance with the temperature of boiler water, boiler water circulating pump starts when the water reaches an upper limit temperature, lower than the hot water circulation pump stops when the water temperature lower limit. 3, three horizontal gas bath boiler return all wet back structure, using a large furnace, rough smoke tube design, increased furnace radiation heat absorption, the effective energy saving. Using threaded pipe and waveform furnace, greatly enhanced heat transfer effect, greatly saving fuel consumption. 4, while the machine is equipped with thermal protection (ultrahigh temperature furnace, the burner is automatically stopped and an alarm buzzer, the second over protection (the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 deg.] C, the secondary circuit is automatically cut off), the lack of anti-dry protection of water (when water is lower than the low water level of the furnace, the boiler is stopped and an alarm beep), a boiler leakage protection (the control system detects electrical leakage, short circuit, automatically cut off the power) .5, according to the boiler pressure design , no pressure in the boiler state, there is no safety hazard. centrifugal using advanced multilayer insulation wool, a steel sheet for packaging famous white color, heat loss, anti-rust appearance.

Practice a boiler manufacturers Henan gas boiler 1. The general provisions adapted to a predetermined fixed pressure 2 sets 20ton hot water boiler russia water as a medium. 2. Henan factory boiler gas boiler fireman must undergo technical training, examination, fireman holding operating permits issued by local authorities, the boiler operation is not higher than the approved categories. 3. Henan boiler manufacturers fireman on duty, must strictly perform their duties, comply with labor discipline. Henan execution gas boiler safety rules, fill in the record. Second, the preparatory work before ignition before ignition 1. Henan respond boiler manufacturers boiler gas boiler, boiler accessories and instrument check to make sure drum inside the combustion chamber no debris, complete and intact thermometers, pressure gauges, water level gauge, without loosening the fixing bolts. 2. Check the feed line, the valve main hot water pipe, gas pipe and the pipe line, the flange, the instrument complete and intact, no loosening of all bolts, valve switch position in said flexible rotation. 3. Check the pump, the burner, the controller and power supply, switches, contacts, etc. is intact. 4. Check softener equipment is working properly, test the water eligibility. 5. After the above inspection, Henan to the Boiler Feed Gas boiler manufacturers. All valves to be opened by the water supply tank to the road drum, the drain valve is opened, all the drain valve closed, to open a hot water valve Henan competent boiler manufacturers gas boiler system. To observe the water level in the water level gauge Sheung Shui, when the water level rises to the minimum water level (1/3 of the tank), water is stopped. Henan boiler manufacturers when the gas boiler water filling speed to slow, the water temperature should be appropriate. Third, Henan boiler manufacturers boiler startup and operation 1. Henan boiler manufacturers cut off the mains gas boiler, a gas conduit opening the inlet valve, drain valve. 2. Check the gas concentration in the gas pipeline, the check valve on the pipe flange connections without leakage phenomenon, if any should be handled immediately. 3. After the inspection is completed, the power sent to the boiler controller, switch on the power of the burner. 4. Check that the controller parameters are normal, the system comprises a gas supply, water supply system, ignition system and flame protection, water protection system control, pressure control and protection system, electronic control box and the like. 5. Open Henan boiler manufacturers gas boiler circulation pump, observe thermometers, pressure gauges, and the corresponding water level gauge pipe fittings for water leakage. 6. Henan boiler manufacturers should be based on a gas boiler the ignition furnace, use of different methods of operation, after prolonged shutdown should be small fire. 7. After firing boiler manufacturers must closely monitor Henan gas boiler water level. Ensure the water level is maintained at normal level. 8. When the gas boiler manufacturers Henan boiler system pressure close to the operating pressure, check the connections for leakage, disassembled flange connecting bolts, need to tighten again, should operate sideways, the force should not be excessive, to prevent the bolts off. Water level in the water level in the normal operation of the boiler manufacturers 9. Henan gas boiler (1) should be in the visible range, the operation should be adjusted with changes in load level gauge must be washed once per shift. (2) Henan gas boiler blowdown boiler manufacturers, should take place at high water, low load operation should make protective measures. (3) periodic testing demineralized water, softened water boiler system to ensure that qualified.

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