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2 ton boilers models ifb-20d techinical data

Hot water 2 ton boilers models ifb-20d techinical datas and steam boilers What is the difference between hot water boiler for hot water production for boiler heating. Hot water boilers and steam boilers are water as the working fluid, the biggest difference between the two is that the latter produce steam, hot water production of the former. Low temperature hot water boiler has a hot water boiler and sub-temperature hot water boilers it. States have different thermal boundary for hot water and cold water, of 120. C is the boundary temperature, i.e., the water temperature is higher than 120. C for high-temperature hot water boilers, otherwise low temperature hot water boilers. Chinese parameters hot water boiler series is: 0.1 a rated thermal power 116MW, allowable working pressure of 0.4; 2.8MPa, nominal water temperature of 95; 180. C. Low pressure hot water boiler for his work without the supervision and control of water level, so its structure is simple, easy operation and maintenance, ease of manufacture. But there are some special problems of work: hot water boiler must ensure that no vaporized, to avoid water hammer; inner and outer oxygen corrosion of Low Temperature Acid more serious corrosion; sudden power outage, the pot water is not flowing and the like to produce vaporized . These issues must be considered in the structural design of the hot water boiler, manufacture and operation maintenance. Steam boiler and hot water boiler no structures from the pot and stove much difference, but there are still some differences, as if the model (parameter certainly not the same), that there are differences: differences Steam Boilers built, steam boilers there are steam trap, but no hot water; main steam boiler steam output pipe, and hot water boiler is the hot water outlet conduit; steam boiler with a water pipe, and only the return pipe into the tank from the set, from the root of the makeup water is up into the conduit; no hot water boiler water level gauge, the steam boiler has. Further, the high voltage required steam boiler, high pressure steam to provide up to 400 degrees, about 4 atm, the high requirements for the furnace, a high manufacturing process requirements. Hot water boiler to provide hot water 70 degrees Celsius, there is atmospheric and pressurized points, but the pressure is smaller than the steam boiler. From the above use is concerned, up to a few hundred MPa pressure steam boiler on 0.1MPa, the steam is sent out. Used for industrial, mainly used in high-pressure thermal power plant. Complete sets of strong, high-tech, multi-unit self-control, big investment. More stringent State steam boiler management, strong inspection, inspection categories and more. Pressure 0.1MPa or less in hot water boilers, hot water is sent out. Used for life, invest in small, low management costs, security.

Steam hot water 2 ton boilers models ifb-20d techinical data plant yellow incentives, what does a steam boiler plant burning process, the hot water produced in the case of yellow, water pH is due to the steam boiler plant is less than 11 or less, then the water will produce a certain acidity is too high case, in general, all of the whole inside the boiler will be some corrosive state, in this case, naturally occur in the case of yellow.

On the ISH heating HVAC industry event, fast Boiler bring new products customized for the paper and packaging industry well-built --- Euromonitor θ5 stunning debut, attracting various participants competing concerns. The product closed condensate recovery system, temperature condensate directly into the 2 ton boilers models ifb-20d techinical data design, three-pass boiler with economizer + + structure air preheater for recycling heat from the high temperature condensed water source, the thermal efficiency of up to 95%, to save operating costs with immediate effect.

Measure the pressure testing of four main criteria: 1, the metal walls of the pressurized components and no water mist; 2, after the pressure is reduced to the operating pressure at the inflation port without dripping beads; 3, sheet cast iron 2 ton boilers models ifb-20d techinical datas seal pot at the rated working pressure no longer drops dripping beads; 4, after the hydraulic test, no significant residual deformation.

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