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2014 hot sale horizontal 0 5 ton steam boiler

How to boiler blowdown rate calculation: boiler feed water there, you will have the sewage. Means for controlling the boiler blowdown boiler water has the quality standards compliance, so that the water impurities in the furnace kept within a certain limit, the need to constantly preclude large salt slag, alkali and deposition boiler water from the boiler, waste mud, fluffy precipitate. The emissions of the boiler size, and quality is directly related to water supply. The greater alkalinity and salinity of the water supply, boiler blowdown amount required for the more. You can have such a perception: industrial boiler blowdown rate of 1% per increase, fuel consumption increased by 0.3%. This wasted fuel and energy consumption can not be assessed and integrated management of the boiler correctly.

Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province is located in Fenwei plain, it is China's major coal producing area, the unique geographical location determines the Tongchuan coal energy as one of the main economic development. Tongchuan coal to bring rapid economic development, but a large proportion of heavy industry, atmospheric pollution and other issues are very serious. "Winning Blue Sky Battle three-year action plan" published this year, Fenwei plain was a key governance areas. Coal City is not achieved coal, coal is not coal, promote clean heating, Tongchuan City is a serious problem.

Tongchuan party secretary said: "This year Tongchuan 4905 ex situ poverty alleviation relocation of the masses of resettlement housing has been fully completed and turnkey, the actual stay 3763, is a large-scale relocation of mass arrival of new homes in the first year."

After a preliminary investigation, Tongchuan City to improve people's livelihood and environmental protection together, launched a "warm life, warm hearts and minds" of warm winter action. Based on the concept of local conditions, it has been completed in 40 of the city's centralized settlements, reduce operating costs, clear charges. Mastery of natural gas household heating settlements, natural gas boiler wall encouraging people to self-heating; central village of rural resettlement and scattered resettlement households, encourage and guide them to use electric heating and cleaning of heating equipment. All use of clean heating devices are available to the masses 1000 yuan subsidy.

Clean heating, an impact on the masses warm winter, a relationship with Blue Sky Battle Action Plan. It is understood that the city of Tongchuan coal-fired boiler to achieve a global "clear" in 2017. 2018, Tongchuan City by town gas central heating and household heating, rural households in accordance with the appropriate air dispersion of the gas, should the electric power, should be hot is hot, use clean coal coal should guide the masses to reduce the amount of bulk coal use, and the use of clean energy and the masses of poor people winter heating subsidies. Currently Tongchuan City, completed a total clean energy alternative to coal for 27,897, of which 25,196 coal to electricity, coal to gas 2701, the city's clean heating rate of 82%, the basic realization of the coal city does not burn coal, coal is not coal.

According to Eco-Environment Department data show that 11 cities Fenwei plain mean concentration of PM2.5 in October this year to 48 micrograms / cubic meter, down 7.7% year on year. The lowest average concentration of PM2.5 is Tongchuan city, is 38 micrograms / cubic meter.

Horizontal small 2014 hot sale horizontal 0 5 ton steam boiler which requires several parts and maintenance? Horizontal small steam boiler maintenance is more important, can reduce equipment operational failure, improve the life of the boiler, it is worthy of attention task. 1, meter maintenance: (1) cleaning surfaces, clean (2) replacement of packing, gasket (3) Repair or replacement of the meter cock. 2, gauge calibration: calibration gauge (1) sealed with the lead (2) Removing the water reservoir and bends and three-way cock check rust. 3, the safety valve: (1) timely maintenance and adjustment of the relief valve (2) replace the damaged parts. 4, boiler maintenance: (1) removing the soot surface and the inner surface of the heating surface dirt. Welding and expansion joint (2) Check the boiler. (3) Maintenance of water wall tubes. (4) external boiler becomes bright paint. (5) boiler operating at full capacity for more than 6 years or disable more than 1 year, shall hydrostatic test. 1 year after the operation, internal and external checks. 5, the furnace walls and furnace maintenance: (1) repair and replace the damaged boiler steel. (2) of the furnace, the furnace wall overhaul and repair of the furnace wall smoke leakage, leakage defects and internal corrosion of the furnace wall. (3) Insulation repair. 6, maintenance needs coal furnace slag and coal bucket processing apparatus: (1) a furnace overhaul and cleaners. (2) for maintenance of the hydraulic drive system, replacement of the cylinder. (3) the burner regulator. (4) running auxiliary motor is running.

10 ton circulating fluidized bed boiler in Indonesia advantages

1.10 ton circulating fluidized bed boiler in Indonesia combustion system is consist of combustion chamber,material collector and return feeder,so the materials can have circular combustion under this system.Many kinds of solid fuels are suitable to combustion effectively and steadily.

2.Pure combustion technology: when put the lime stones in the stove,it has simple desulfuration.After achieving the ratio 2:1 of calcium and sulfur,it will has above 80% desulfuration,and has the lowest emission of SOx and NOx.

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