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20ton hot water boiler used for feed mill

The primary failure is due to corrosion associated with varied biomass materials fuel.This failure mechanism is the result of alkali-related chemical attack which creates compounds that be easily eroded.A secondary concern is the inappropriate use and application of the refractory material.This is less of a concern in CFB boiler that are not used to co-fire biomass.

Mr. Liu, a pedestrian to my company's remote monitoring cloud services platform is very interested that this is a powerful combination boiler industry and Internet technology-based platform enables real intelligent control mode boiler, the boiler industry's future development have a very high confidence. The delegation of the aspects of our company continue to promote scientific and technological innovation strength, low nitrogen emission technology upgrade, focusing boiler lifecycle management fully affirmed. Heartfelt praise to our initiative to extend the upstream and downstream industries, and actively challenge higher level field.

More advanced set of international condensing boiler technology, and in actual use show the superior durability and superior ability operating efficiency, and low failure rate during operation; processing category by many manufacturers and heating heating the company's favorite. But the price is also higher than condensing boiler some of the traditional boilers, how do we maintain it longer service life, so as to enhance the overall cost of boiler it?

What is the impact of changes in steam pressure steam temperature? why? ? (1) When the vapor pressure is increased, the superheated steam temperature is increased; vapor pressure is lowered. Superheated steam temperature decreased. This is because when the vapor pressure increases with an increasing saturation temperature, from water into steam need to consume more calories in a case where the combustion amount becomes unchanged, since the pressure rises, to reduce the moment of evaporation boiler , by resulting in reduced amount of steam superheater, heat absorption is increased relative to the steam, resulting in superheated steam temperature rise, and vice versa. Dynamic process (2) just above phenomenon instantaneous change given operating pressure when the vapor pressure changes with stable steam temperature and steam pressure opposite to the above phenomenon.

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