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3 sets double boiler pakistan in textile factory

Learn 3 sets double boiler pakistan in textile factory inspections deviations terminology: inspection of the boiler, which is mainly composed of? And, in this major aspects, including what specific content, and related difficult problems? These are people getting confused, so the following to detailed answer, I hope that everyone acquire some new knowledge. 1. In the supercritical pressure boiler, need to set the drum? Supercritical pressure boiler in the boiler, it is not necessary to provide steam drum. Because, in this kind of boiler which is working fluid is water, and, under this pressure and temperature, the conversion between the water and steam, in the latent heat of vaporization is zero, i.e., which is not present two-phase region. Therefore, the water into steam is a continuous process, and is one way to form. Therefore, it is not necessary to provide the drum. 2. boiler inspection, which is mainly composed of? Inspection of the boiler, its principal, including the external inspection, internal inspection and hydrostatic test. For the external inspection, it is possible to simultaneously during boiler operation. Its specific content, it is man-hole, inspection hole and hand inspection holes for leaks and so on. And a health check for steam and water valves and pipes and the like. Also, it is the auxiliary equipment operation inspection.

Water tube 3 sets double boiler pakistan in textile factory, which has several structural forms, its advantages and where?

According to statistics fast boiler, water tube boiler on the market currently has four structural forms, namely D, A-type, O-and-tube angle structure.

Comparison of power and gas hot water 3 sets double boiler pakistan in textile factory of factors: the gas hot water boiler, which should be for a gas boiler, but also the more common and commonly used, and its Web site is one of the product, so, it is necessary to know and understand, so in front of this work has already begun, and below, will continue, then, to deepen people's familiarity with this a boiler. 1. Gas hot water boiler gas boiler, whether with other types of gas-fired boilers, is not the same? In a gas boiler, particularly species thereof, except that a gas hot water boiler, there are a number of others. And, between each of its kind, there is a certain difference, it is impossible to exactly the same. So, on this issue, it is clear that the answer is yes.

At 10:00 on September 6 and more, Harbin, a business is the purchase of a new 3 sets double boiler pakistan in textile factory equipment installation, commissioning process when staff at a boiler pressure gauge index found that the performance of the boiler abnormal, but not so the commissioning personnel when the next step, a sudden loud noise, boiler explosion, a huge flame and furnace pressure debugging of oil spray everywhere, four commissioning personnel are subject to varying degrees of injuries, was taken to hospital for treatment .

Boiler is an energy conversion device, by entering the fuel to the boiler, chemical energy, power, etc., outputs a constant steam heat, hot water or organic heat carrier, to provide support for the heat industries. Meanwhile, the boiler is also a special equipment has a certain risk, when the boiler installation, commissioning, operation, etc., be sure to boiler operation safety first.

Now, Xiao Bian to operational safety considerations gas boiler summarize, we can refer to.

First, start, boost, steam supply

1, before the start of the preparatory work

Internal and external check: Check boiler, burner, a good state of the accessory device; action safety accessories, each of the valves, such as flexible instruments, the correct position.

Check the line voltage to meet the requirements, a variety of normal switch position, respectively, various auxiliary pump starts operating, the burner fan, oil pump is normal.

Boiler Feed: exhaust valve opening, to ensure the normal water level (just below the water level).

2, start

Firstly purging the furnace, induced draft fan suction time is usually about 10 minutes to ensure that no residual gas in the furnace, passing substitutions, and ignition for combustion air supply.

After firing is completed according to the adjustment amount of load required for combustion, the boiler into normal operation.

During startup, to closely monitor changes in water level, water boiler accident or occurrence textile full of water accidents.

Second, the normal operation

1, the water level

Fuel gas-fired boiler water table should be the red line indicating the high, medium and low water level, the operation shall not exceed the maximum safe level or below the minimum safe level.

Rinse water table at least once per shift, when there is suspicion of running water, rinse should always check.

2, steam pressure

Red lines indicate the working pressure gauge should have, so sensitive and reliable, the trap should be flushed at least once a week.

3, safety valve

Safety valve should seal intact, no leakage; once a week manually (or automatically) emission test, and begin start pressure, opening pressure, reseating pressure and test time, participants, etc credited maintenance log book u, for future reference .

4, sewage

Proceed as boiler water quality requirements of water quality testing personnel under the guidance of class 1 or 2 times sewage, sewage incident not too long, generally no more than 10 minutes.

Sewage should (preferably when shutdown), should be closely monitored sewage water level changes, and pay attention to safety at the time of low load, low pressure, high water level.

Many boilers when sharing a sewage mains, while sewage is prohibited.

Third, shutdown

1, the normal shutdown

After normal boiler shutdown should generally be reduced boiler load operation, press the boiler shutdown procedure. Actuated pump water to high water level, pressure steam boiler to be dropped after 0.3MPa flushing water table and sewerage operations, and finally close the raft, cut off the power supply control cabinet, wipe equipment, clean up the environment and health, For water, the water temperature should be below after 70 ℃, before proceeding.

2, emergency shutdown

When the boiler operation in the following situations should immediately shutdown:

Furnace water level drops below the minimum water level gauge visible edges.

Increasing water supply and other measures, but digital still continue to fall.

Boiler water level exceeds the highest visible water table level (full of water), the water still can not see the water level.

All water supply system water pump failure or malfunction, not water to the boiler.

Water gauge or safety valve all the failures.

Endanger the boiler element is damaged and the safety of operating personnel.

Combustion equipment damage, or furnace wall collapse and other red-hot boiler structure is a serious threat to the safe operation of the boiler.

Other anomalies endanger the safe operation of the boiler.

3, maintenance

Before maintenance work should be well prepared, as before entering the drum interior work, must be of sufficient strength to connect all of the metal blocking plate spaced reliable steam, water, sewage and other operation of the boiler pipes, and the drum manholes and hand holes (boiler shell) is opened, so that air convection period.

After the completion of preparations to repair. Should ensure that the quarterly frequency of boiler maintenance and repair of the year.

Advances in technology to the boiler industry into new and innovative ideas, now the boiler manufacturers boiler are easy targets toward the operation forward, but in the use of the boiler, improper operation or other quality problems still exist, these failures will It is causing the direct cause of the explosion boilers. Therefore, when using the boiler must be in strict accordance with safety practices boiler, security incidents strangled in the cradle.

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