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How can we secure the full life cycle of the boiler and stable operation? A boiler, no matter how good the quality, if not understand how to operate in the operation, maintenance, and even deal with emergency issues, can not guarantee safe operation of the boiler, which is why today's increasingly high demands on the fireman the reason. Because the current boiler operation and maintenance, a few decades ago are no longer just a simple operation, and then to step inside the coal boiler filled. With the development of boiler technology, and now, we need to be seen as a fireman and technical personnel. A heating boiler, pressure of special equipment, at present, with the performance of the boiler, the lower parameter increasing, the device structure is becoming more complex cases, boiler units do a good job security management is to ensure that the premise of boiler safety, economic operation. Here we are concerned that the safety management of boiler: 1 sound system. Use of the boiler unit according to the different types and uses of the boiler, the rules and regulations for the development of the situation of the unit to ensure fireman personnel, water quality testing personnel, security management and other rules to follow in practice. Management system include: boiler room management responsibilities, fireman staff job responsibility, shift system, mobile inspection system, equipment maintenance system, quality management systems, water treatment personnel personal responsibility, sanitation system, security system, boiler safety operating system, incident reporting system. 2 certificates. For with the qualified fireman, water quality and management, boiler unit to deal with the unit operator boiler pre-job vocational training before induction and obtain the corresponding qualification examination by the quality supervision department, which is the basic condition to ensure that the boiler safe and economic operation . In the daily operation of the boiler, the boiler safety managers should supervise fireman, water quality workers in strict accordance with rules and regulations to carry out the work, ensure workers certificates, perform their duties. 2, regular inspection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, the boiler to prevent accidents, according to the requirements of "Periodic inspection rules boiler", the boiler should be regularly tested. Periodic inspection including external inspection, internal inspection, hydrostatic testing three. Only when the internal inspection, external inspection and hydrostatic testing are within the acceptable period, the boiler can be put into operation. (1) can be found by an internal test boiler pressure boiler components are now running cracks, flaws from impact safety groove, overheating, distortion, leakage, corrosion, wear, scale and the like. (2) whether the worker can find certificates or illegal operation, whether the normal operation of the boiler safety accessories, operating records are complete, whether the security officer regular inspection by external circumstances such as boiler inspection. (3) by the hydrostatic test, the boiler itself can be verified with rigor strength meets the original design requirements.

We learned that recently, Beijing issued a "three-year action plan to win the Beijing Blue Sky Wars," to date, mainly to strengthen ecological environment construction, pollution control tough fight to win Beijing, make the appropriate efforts. Details are as follows.

First, build a green energy system

Combined with the characteristics of the capital, in the city to protect the power supply, heat supply network under the premise of safe operation, relying on intelligent technology, strengthen external power transferred, increase the proportion of outside transmission. Full development of new local energy resources. Promoting clean renewable energy for heating, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, City Management Committee and other sector organizations to increase renewable energy use in key areas clean city sub-center, Beijing's new airport and other heating. In principle, to new natural gas cogeneration and gas chemical projects.

Second, lay Yajian coal finale

Led by the Agriculture Commission, in accordance with the principle of progressive advance of the first plains, mountains and then to "coal to electricity," the main scientific technical route choice, according to local conditions to promote rural village "coal to clean energy" work. 2018, the completion of the plains 450 villages "coal to clean energy" to carry out energy-saving synchronous rural residence. Completion of Pinggu District, clean energy transformation of coal-fired central heating boilers 5 of Yanqing district, the basic realization of the city's Plains "No Coal." In 2019, the development of scientific and effective mountains "coal to clean energy" technology roadmap, the heating period to break a long, large temperature difference and other problems, an orderly mountain villages of "coal to clean energy" work.

Third, improve energy efficiency

Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other departments to study and improve energy consumption limits system. City Housing and Urban Construction Commission, the Municipal Planning and Land Committee and other departments to revise new residential building energy efficiency design standards, energy-saving rate of more than 80%; accelerate the development of ultra-low energy buildings, new buildings strict implementation of green building standards. City Housing and Urban Construction Commission, the Municipal Urban Management Commission, Agriculture Commission and other departments saving renovations to existing buildings, Rural public buildings energy-saving standards and scope of the earthquake.

Fourth, accelerate infrastructure construction clean energy

City Management Committee, the Agriculture Commission and other departments to speed up the "coal to electricity" grid upgrading in rural areas, to meet the heating needs of the field of alternative energy. Into the "No Coal" facilities construction village, power and other reconstruction within the scope of planning in advance to give priority to implementation. Related power companies continue to strengthen the construction of power facilities and support capabilities.

Boiler tube leak detection alarm means Fault tube leakage detection means can promptly check the interior of the boiler heating surface leakage, can effectively protect other heating surface tube bank to ensure safe economic unit. Here's a small series and learn together about the most common failures on furnace tube leak detection device alarm it! A fault phenomena: (1) one side surface of the entire heating furnace tube leak detection alarm device. (2) concentration of several parts tube leak detection alarm device. II. Analysis: (1) a compressed air line leaks around the boiler body emits different sounds. (2) sootblower valve lift Jam, steam leakage. (3) heating surface tube bank or weld leak squib. Third, the treatment method: (1) contact electric inspection personnel. No abnormal sound (2) Boiler furnace tube leakage air pipe flange near alarm detection means check for leaks at the furnace and timely manner. (3) Check the tube near the sootblower alarm if a valve lift leakage detecting means there are leaks and timely manner. (4) such as opening hole to see the fire, obviously abnormal noise in the furnace, boiler tubes explanation does leak, organizers prepare repair. Fourth, the preventive measures: (1) strengthen inspection. (2) regularly cleaned and checked electric boiler tube leak detection means. (3) make the tight tube should leak repair plan. These boiler tube leak is about the treatment of common fault detection device alarm, we hope to share small series can better help you to deal with the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Today's society, intelligent popular, the boiler must closely follow the development direction of the times. Commercial high production side condensing gas boiler by using a high intelligent PLC control system, by a simple operation of the operator interface to complete the boiler starts, adjustment and shutdown modes.

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