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3000l steam heating boiler tank with mixer

In general, gas-fired 3000l steam heating boiler tank with mixer during operation amount of gas combustion is stable and continuous, but inevitably there will be some unexpected situations, causing the gas pressure changes. Well, this boiler will run on state what impact it?

Poor water quality or improper maintenance of 3000l steam heating boiler tank with mixers will often cause corrosion of metals. After corrosion of boiler, not only the effective thickness of metal will be thinned, but also the metallographic structure of metal will be destroyed, the mechanical properties will become worse, the pressure bearing capacity of boiler will be reduced, the service life of boiler will be shortened, and even be scrapped in advance. Some corrosion will cause damage to the equipment without people noticing, and some may even cause catastrophic accidents, such as boiler explosion, if they are serious. Therefore, corrosion prevention is also an important measure to ensure the safe operation of boiler.

Lujiang County, Anhui Province People's Government to strengthen the special equipment safety supervision, eliminate security risks, protect people's lives and property safety, recently, market supervision arrangements father of the rule of the mountain to carry out a special inspection of the 3000l steam heating boiler tank with mixer.

The area under the jurisdiction, boiler unit 10, involving 13 sets of boilers, mainly for industrial enterprises, food production enterprises. The audit focused on with the operation of the boiler, the boiler nature of the situation (coal, electricity, gas, biomass, etc.), verification test cases, water quality monitoring, troubleshooting, case workers certified, the implementation of the system, etc. . Examination revealed there is some use of units overdue inspection, the main responsibility is not implemented and so on, law enforcement officials immediately issued special equipment safety supervision instructions, the use of units ordered to stop using, to urge the rectification.

In operation, the 3000l steam heating boiler tank with mixer exhaust gas temperature rise because the heat loss due to heat loss is the largest in a boiler, typically around 6% into the furnace heat, the exhaust gas temperature increasing every 12 ~ 15 ℃, smoke 0.5% increase in heat loss. Therefore, the exhaust gas temperature is one of the most important indicators of boiler operation, must be the focus of monitoring. Several factors has the potential to increase the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler: (1) heating surface slagging, fouling. Whether waterwall slagging furnace fouling, or superheater, convection bank, and economizer preheater heat resistance due to fouling will increase the flue gas side, heat deterioration of the cooling effect of the flue gas becomes difference, resulting in increased exhaust gas temperature. (2) the excess air ratio is too large. Under normal circumstances, the furnace outlet increases as the excess air ratio of the exhaust gas temperature rises. After the excess air ratio increases, while the amount of smoke increases, the speed increase of smoke, heat strengthening of exiled, but less than the degree of increase in heat transfer gas volume increases more. It will be appreciated as the tobacco rate increased, the time to heat to the flue gas working fluid left the heating surface. (3) leakage factor is too large. Tail shaft furnace and boiler flue negative pressure leakage is inevitable, and provides a heating surface allowed leakage coefficient. When the coefficient of air leakage increases, the influence of the exhaust gas temperature is increased and the excess air coefficient is similar. And the closer the leakage furnace, exhaust gas temperature raising effect on the greater. (4) water temperature. When the turbine load is low or high pressure splitting when the heater temperature of the boiler feedwater will decrease. Generally, when the water temperature rises, if the amount of fuel is maintained constant, the temperature difference decreases economizer, economizer heat absorption decreases the exhaust gas temperature rises. (5) the fuel moisture. The fuel in the flue gas to increase the amount of water increases, and therefore the exhaust gas temperature rises. (6) boiler load. Although the boiler load increases, the amount of smoke, the amount of steam to the water, the air amount increases in proportion, but since the furnace exit gas temperature is increased, so that the exhaust gas temperature rises. After the load is increased to increase the furnace outlet temperature, followed by convection heating surface temperature difference increases, an increase in heat absorption, the more so the convection heating surface, the smaller the impact load change of a boiler exhaust gas temperature. (7) The fuel species. When burning low calorific value gas, since the furnace temperature is lowered to reduce the radiation heat transfer in the furnace, the low calorific value gas in a non-combustible components, mainly N2, CO2, H2O more, the amount of flue gas increases, the exhaust gas temperature rise high.

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