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400ton diesel fired steam boiler shipping to uruguay

Full use of the benefits of low nitrogen gas condensing boiler

Refers to the latent heat of condensing boiler flue gas to absorb the high temperature portion of the boiler is discharged through the heat recovery unit with efficient condensation and the sensible heat released by condensation of water vapor, so as to improve the thermal efficiency boiler, the purpose of reducing exhaust gas temperature.

4, the combustion system modulating bidirectional

Specification of boiler originally designed for the fuel has a certain flexibility, different medium to outside influences the combustion process is different; regulation embodiment, with economizer and an air preheater, the boiler control exhaust emission temperature at a certain temperature range inside, can make full use of heat, but also to ensure the integrity of the structure and function of the relative device.

How to how the selection of industrial boilers industrial boilers Selection 1, how to determine how to volume and the number of procurement of industrial boiler when the boiler is how to determine the capacity of the boiler is a very significant problem. In general, the capacity of the boiler or output shall be determined according to the area of ​​heating or steam heating requirement in the production process and the use of hot water. First, the user must know the total load range; the second is the peak conditions, including the duration of the peak, the peak frequency, which is the peak period occurs, such as the frequency of occurrence of the peak monthly, weekly, monthly between summer and winter difference between. After considering the capacity and the number of selection device, to calculate the total and peak load requirements. 2, the user how to determine the parameters of steam and hot water steam or hot water should be determined according to the parameters themselves need. Industrial and mining production is mainly required for boiler 400ton diesel fired steam boiler shipping to uruguay. Steam is mainly used in the production process, it requires a certain temperature to meet the requirements of the production process, such as textile, sugar, rubber, paper, oil and chemical industries. Thus, saturated steam parameters should be determined according to the requirements of the boiler the production process. Advantage is to ensure a constant temperature of saturated steam production required. 3, steam boilers and hot water boilers selected relationship because energy steam heating and hot water heating comfort than steam heating and hot water heating energy requirements. In many industrial and mining enterprises in the production process still requires steam heating, so business users need steam and hot water.

When fully completed by the end of 2017 urban 10 tons of steam / 10-20 tons of 400ton diesel fired steam boiler shipping to uruguay regulation task and gas pipeline network coverage of the coal / coal-fired boiler renovation work, fully completed before the end of 2018, 20 tons of steam urban / when more than 35 tons of steam / h coal-fired boilers and renovation work. Before the end of 2017, high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban all types of urban areas in high-pollution fuel boiler to stop using all, or switching to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and other clean energy.

To help businesses to reduce costs to switch to clean energy, the program presents a series of supporting policies and measures, establish clear criteria subsidies, subsidies for the 2017,2018 two years time.

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