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Maintenance of the boiler plant food which gas boiler in use for some time, people should arrange maintenance work at the gas hot water boiler, in order to better safeguard the operation of the gas hot water boiler, and can extend the life, now completed three maintenance methods, for your reference. First, boiler and pressure maintenance plant is suitable for short-term food production or backup boiler shutdown. (1) shutdown, boiler water is completely drained furnace slag fouling and cleaning, plus qualified soft water. (2) Summer boiler water temperature should be maintained at about 10 ℃, should not freeze in winter boiler water, all valves should be empty periodic low heat or steam oven water heating boiler closure adjacent the regular use, therefore, the boiler water temperature should be maintained in summer at about 10 ℃. The drain valve and outlet valve to prevent leakage. (3) periodic boiler feedwater, boiler pressure from holding 0.05MPa0.05MPa, preventing air from entering the drum. Second, the food factory boiler wet maintenance Wet maintenance is generally applicable to boiler maintenance, no more than a month of downtime. 1. After stopping the furnace, boiler water should be required to discharge time, scale, slag, dust should be clear and clean. 2. Close all running boiler completely isolated manholes, hand holes, valves. 3. acceptable basic protection with demineralized water solution, sodium hydroxide per ton of boiler water according to (OH) 8 kilograms 10 kilograms, or addition of sodium carbonate (NaC03) 20 kg, or sodium phosphate (Na2P03) 20 kg. 4. Use the prepared dedicated pump alkaline curing was poured into the boiler. 5. When the protective liquid completely injected, the water supply valve is opened, the injection qualified soft water boiler, overflowed until the air valve, and then closing the air valve and the water supply valve, opening a special circulation pump, the solution evenly mixed. 6. Throughout the maintenance and heated between 10 and outer surfaces 12 PH value should be kept dry by a micro furnace periodically, circulating pump periodically opened, the concentration of the solution is consistent, regular testing and replenishing solution and the solution. Ensure that the boiler water alkalinity. 7. Winter All landlords, take appropriate measures freezing.

Food factory boiler soot-blowing role and impact of food plant boiler to boiler soot-blowing operation and influence on boiler operation, food plants after a period of time is to use the boiler soot-blowing operation of the line. After running for some time since the boiler, the boiler body have a lot of surface fouling and coking, the influence of thermal efficiency of the boiler. So, food plants to regularly carry out a program for boiler soot blowing, improve thermal efficiency and fuel efficiency of the boiler. (1), sootblowing effect: long-term operation of boiler, heating surface will produce fouling and coking deterioration so that the heat transfer, on the back pass, because of the long time accumulation of combustible, combustion will deteriorate further episodes trouble, it is necessary to carry out the heating surface sootblowing in the boiler operation after a period of time to clean the heating surface. (2), the choice of short sootblowing lance tube furnace for heating water wall surface of the sootblowing; sootblowing use a long lance tube flue, a sootblower superheater and reheater heating surfaces.

Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision regarding the development of biomass briquette boilers special work

Recently, Guangdong Province issued "Notice on biomass briquette boilers special work" (the "Notice"), requiring the province since the beginning of July biomass briquette boilers carpet Mocha by three months the complete list of developed and complete the scattered dirt biomass boilers in the province before the end of 2019, direct combustion, such as non-compliance out of chaos and rectification.

First, remediation objects

According to "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law" and "Guangdong process boilers pollution remediation plan (2016-2018 years)", (Guangdong ring [2016] No. 12), this special work-out and the quality of the main targets include: direct burning biomass boiler, the boiler does not meet the high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban management requirements, central heating boilers dispersed within the heating network coverage, the boiler gas pipeline network coverage, the use of coal and its products the dual-fuel or multi-fuel biomass fired boiler, coal-fired boiler into a biomass briquette boilers do not meet the legal reform program, it has been approved by the people's government the right to shut down the boiler and other companies.

Second, the remediation measures

(A) strengthen the management of biomass briquette boiler

New boilers should biomass briquette Briquette dedicated biomass boilers (or dual-fuel fuel designs allowed). For the latter meet the conditions for registration of quality supervision departments also must apply for environmental procedures according to law, be put into use.

(B) strictly regulated pollutants raw material is fired boiler

Environmental protection departments should strengthen supervision of pollutant emission biomass-fired boilers molding, organize supervision and monitoring of the discharge port of inspection car, pollutant emission concentration of biomass fired boiler to reach or better than the current corresponding to the natural gas boiler emissions standard (conversion 9% oxygen content reference emission concentration), the concentration of carbon monoxide emissions of less than equal to 200 mg / cubic meter, the feed inlet video surveillance facilities biomass fired boiler is to be networked and environmental protection sector, more than 20 tons of steam biomass molded fuel boiler to be installed on-line monitoring equipment, and networking with the environmental protection departments to encourage 20 tons of steam biomass fired boiler to install online monitoring equipment. For pollutant emissions are out or do not meet the requirements dealt with by the environmental protection department according to the law, the quality supervision department cooperate with law scrapped boiler, write-offs.

Third, the time node

"Notice" announced the schedule for the remediation activities: biomass briquette boiler before June carding meet the special requirements of the boiler, the development of monitoring plans by the local environmental protection department, by supervisory monitoring, enterprise self-monitoring measures to ensure that in 2018 exhaust gas monitoring complete biomass fired boiler is in the list before the end of the boiler to investigate and punish excessive emissions.

7 to 10 months focusing on remediation biomass briquette boilers do not meet the special requirements of the boiler. Since August, the quality supervision departments throughout the province last month to the cancellation of the 5th of each month, scrap, corrective actions and a list of biomass briquette boiler re-enable the exchange to the same level of environmental protection department, the environmental protection department of the list with boiler organizations atmospheric monitoring pollutants.

In addition, quality inspection departments to be before the end of 2018, before the end of 62,019 years to complete before the end of October 2019 were 30%, 70%, to urge the rectification work 100% of the boiler problem.

After you have a list of remediation raw material briquette boilers, by supervisory monitoring, self-monitoring and other measures to organize corporate environmental protection departments in the country to receive quality supervision departments to provide complete exhaust gas monitoring within two months, to ensure that all students complete before the end of 2019 material fired boiler emissions monitoring.

Fourth, the work requirements

(A) submit the required work ledger

Listing biomass briquette boilers local quality supervision departments to the end of June 2018, is currently in line with energy-saving features of the device and safety requirements submitted to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau to exchange Provincial Environmental Protection Office. The second half of 2018 --2019 end of each quarter, the environmental protection departments throughout the progress of work on the 5th an accumulation of sound required to submit the Environmental Protection Agency.

(B) a comprehensive inventory, leaving

To work closely local quality supervision departments and environmental protection departments, clear name and contact details, according to "local management, levels of responsibility, seamless, comprehensive coverage of" principle, carpet-Mocha, timely updated sound biomass briquette boiler list, the implementation of ledger-style, pin number management. A complete rectification, a pin number.

(C) strict law enforcement, supervision of implementation

Local quality supervision departments and environmental protection departments according to their respective functions, like take the time node, according to the law to carry out renovation work on the investigation, to ban the work may not be implemented, to promote the progress has lagged far behind, regulatory serious dereliction of duty, serious accountability related personnel responsibility. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau will form a joint inspection teams fired boiler renovation work carried out around the biomass conduct spot checks, reporting the progress of work.

Overall, the Guangdong Province to seize the chaos veered to burn biomass briquette industry in recent years in existence, the name of biomass, coal and other solid chaos, both for air pollution control pollution, but also conducive to purifying biomass briquettes industry ecosystem, promote the healthy development of the industry norm.

Quality of the quality of heating gas boiler heating gas boiler factor is affected by many factors, some factors we can control, then what factors have it? Here's a look at it together! 1, product quality issues, if the quality of the gas boiler purchase, but off, it will cause problems later use, such as controllers, pumps and so on, high-quality selection of boiler is the main way to avoid security risks. 2, indoor environmental impacts, if checked gas boiler without any problems, then we must consider external factors, the warm temperature of the general level of the home setting, lived in houses as well as the number of layers are facing the impact of its use the reason why, at the same time like the rainy weather, the housing wall insulation case and so on itself belong to external conditions, once these external conditions change will affect its normal use. 3, gas boiler and a room thermostat can use the time can be automatically adjusted according to the individual needs of temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving, in addition, it is the use of central heating function, which means that no matter which room in use, you can choose an appropriate temperature according to the needs of individual family members, mainly in the use of shower, bathroom faucet hot water, as well as kitchen and hot water. These are simple factors on the quality of the gas boiler heating effects introduced, I believe that the above explanation, you also learned a lot, hoping to help you in the future better to use it.

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