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4ton superheated steam boiler

There are many business units to be able to save more spending often treated boiler water will take unscientific methods and tools in boiler water treatment process used, equipment, etc. also do not comply with the relevant provisions, For example, "three noes" of electronic instruments and antifouling agent scale.

Boiler water treatment solutions to solve the problem of measures chemical companies in the boiler water treatment chemical companies in question (1) chemical enterprise managers should pay attention to the boiler hot water boiler water treatment work. For hot water boiler, the boiler water circulating in the system, the water supply is very small, in order to improve the quality of water, the pot dosing methods can be used. For example, in Xi'an City. Since most of the water in Xi'an Heihe, the water hardness is relatively low, usually 2.0mmol / L or less, relatively low salinity, total salinity 1.5mmol / L or less at. In this case, it is possible to solve the problem of hot water boiler water quality by way of adding agents. According to the indicators of water quality of the original, to choose the right agent. Currently, the most widely used are phosphonates and polymers. Further, according to the method using the agent, add time quantitative, which play sewage, preservative effect. This approach not only simple, but also save costs in terms of investment and maintenance of water treatment equipment, more affordable compared to sodium ion exchange. (2) to strengthen the maintenance of the boiler shutdown period. When not in use the boiler, it will be shutdown. After discharge water boiler shutdown, the humidity in the boiler is increased, and ventilation is not particularly smooth, resulting in long-term metal surface is wet. At this time, together with the role of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the metal will gradually boiler corrosion, rusting phenomenon occurs. In this case, if put into use, electrochemical corrosion can occur at high temperatures, thereby increasing the area of ​​corrosion, the boiler's metal wall thinning, affect the safe operation of the boiler. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler, be sure to do maintenance shutdown of the boiler. Boiler maintenance work during the shutdown, including the maintenance of wet and dry maintenance. First, wet maintenance. That is, so-called wet boiler maintenance shutdown, the element inside the boiler filled with water and a basic substance added to the water, will generally be sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate, PH value of water is maintained at least 10, thereby forming a layer of alkaline water film in the boiler, heating surface protection, to avoid corrosion phenomenon. Second, the maintenance dry. The so-called dry during maintenance of the boiler is shutdown, the water in the boiler, sludge and scale and other clean, dry heating surface of the boiler, after the desiccant is placed inside, turn off all valves, hand holes, so that it is completely isolated from the outside world, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the boiler. Maintenance of dry way is not only simple to operate, the effect is also very good. (3) strengthen the training and management of boiler water treatment personnel. For unit boiler, the boiler should be fully aware of the importance of water treatment. To arrange special personnel for water treatment work, and in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations and management regimes to ensure the safety of boiler water treatment effective. Some conditional units can also organize relevant personnel to boiler water treatment for academic exchanges, training them adequately. In addition, water treatment personnel to fully understand the importance of their work, and constantly improve their own quality and ability to comply with professional ethics, in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations to operate, thereby protecting the safe and economic operation of the boiler.

1. Boiler type

Is it a hot water boiler or a steam boiler? For example, when choose heating boiler, hot water boilers and steam boilers can all be heated, but under the same conditions, the capacity of different types of boilers is different. The boiler type is one of the prerequisites for determining the boiler capacity.

Oriental Hawaii Holiday Hotel is located in Xiaogan City of Hubei Province in accordance with international five-star hotel standard design, set business rooms, SPA bath, foot care, indoor spa and other facilities in one of the hotel. Hot water boiler is one of the important facilities normal operation can not be separated. With the pace of Hubei Province in response to the national defense of the blue sky, the use of clean fuels gradually increase the proportion of Oriental Hawaii hotel provides visitors to the more perfect leisure experience a sense of the original wishing more polluted coal-fired boilers to replace clean and green gas-fired boiler. After comparing several vendors boiler industry, a number of R & D results very fast square value in the field of clean fuels, entered into a collaboration with the fast boiler. Fast boiler integrally provided a 1.4MW condensing pressure hot water boiler (CWNSL1.4-95 / 70-Y.Q) according to their actual needs. Put into use, fully meet the needs of Oriental Hawaii Holiday Hotel heating and hot water supply.

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