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5 t-130 t waste heat boiler in China

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The importance of insulation measures on electric heating 5 t-130 t waste heat boiler in china

Recently, the site investigator fast boiler us feedback, many companies use electric boilers and thermal insulation measures do not, a lot of heat to the outside world, is wasted.

SZS 5 t-130 t waste heat boiler in china scale formation process is a process of what SZS boiler scale formation is what the process of formation of boiler scale SZS what is? The hardness of the water contained into the boiler is dirty, after a period of operation, the boiler water heating surface while firmly attached some solid deposits, this phenomenon is called extension. Solid deposits adhered to the heating surface is referred to scale. Slag can be removed with the water discharge, but if not timely discharged, part of the slag will be deposited in the water heating surface or where slow flow, and converted to a scale (commonly referred to as secondary scale). Pyrolyzed at high temperature and pressure, some of the original water-soluble calcium and magnesium salts, such as bicarbonate) thermally decomposed, became refractory precipitation and precipitation. Solubility decreases at high temperature and pressure, the solubility of some salts (such as calcium sulfate, silicate, etc.) with increasing temperature is significantly reduced, when the temperature reaches a certain degree of precipitation occurs. Pot of water evaporation, concentrated under high temperature and pressure, with the increase of the evaporation pot salt concentration increases, when reached saturation, salt deposited on the heated surface. The reaction conversion and high mutual solubility salt react with other salts in operation, the formation of insoluble precipitation material. If the reaction surface is formed directly size; if the reaction occurs in water to form a slag pot. Some residues are viscous, when they are not timely removed, may become scaly.

CBM has provided 5 t-130 t waste heat boiler in china solutions to more than 10,000 customers, and the paper industry has always been a major supplier of boilers. According to the experience of CBM's cooperation with various enterprises in the paper industry in different countries and regions for many years, most paper mills use steam boilers. There are many kinds of CBM steam boilers, which are divided into various steam products according to the fuel structure and performance.

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