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50 kg pellet fired steam boiler price

What safety protection devices are available for electric 50 kg pellet fired steam boiler pricesSteam boilers are mechanical equipment that uses heat from fuel or other energy sources to heat water into hot water or steam. The original meaning of the pot refers to the water-holding vessel heated on the fire, the furnace refers to the place where the fuel is burned, the boiler includes two parts of the boiler and the furnace. 1 leakage protection: when the boiler leakage occurs, the power supply is cut off in time through the leakage circuit breaker. To ensure personal safety. 2 Water shortage protection: when the boiler is short of water, the heating tube control circuit is cut off in time to prevent the heating tube from being damaged by dry burning. At the same time, the controller sends out a water shortage alarm indicating 4 steam overpressure protection: when the boiler steam pressure exceeds the set upper limit pressure, the safety valve starts, releasing the steam to make the pressure Force reduction-5 over-current protection: when the boiler is overloaded (overvoltage), the leakage circuit breaker automatically disconnects. 6 Power supply protection: with the help of advanced electronic lines, the overvoltage, under-voltage, and off-equal fault state are detected, Provide reliable power-off protection.

We must not blame poor quality coal for clinker formation and deposition in boilers. Instead we take proper precautions such as poking, flushing by providing more water in the hopper, soot blowing by injecting steam to remove soot deposits on water wall, and making our clinker grinders operational.

The invention relates to the field of CFB boiler, in particular, to a CFB boiler bed temperature control system.

The circulating fluidized bed (CFB) is a new generation developed in recent years in the international efficiency and low emission clean combustion technology, its main feature is the fuel and sorbent after repeated cycles repeated low temperature combustion and desulfurization reaction, Furnace strong turbulence, not only to achieve low NOx emissions and achieve up to 90% desulfurization efficiency and a similar pulverized coal furnace combustion efficiency, but also fuel adaptability, load regulation performance, easy advantage of the comprehensive utilization of ash, So rapid commercial deployment in the world.

Since March this year, Haidong Qinghai province to implement the central issue environmental supervision feedback coal-fired boiler rectification work, speed up the production of green, zero emissions work processes, and improve air quality, to develop a series of coal-fired boilers on the rectification requirements of the program, as the initiative, strike out, to carry out rectification work in coal-fired boilers within the city, complete elimination of high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution of coal-fired boilers. Planned before the end of 2020, out of the new regulation since 2013 registered 10 tons of steam per hour and a total of 35 sets of coal-fired boilers. To date, 24 have been dismantled coal-fired boilers, the completion of 69% of the total demolition tasks.

In campaigns, the Haidong Market Authority established the Secretary for the head of the leading group, and achieve the "four guarantees" work. First, strengthen organizational leadership, promptly convene a special meeting arrangements, set up to director, head of the leading group, strict rectification requirements, compaction responsibility, division of labor, supervision and implementation, to ensure that the tasks, responsibilities, personnel, time to implement place; second is to strengthen the publicity and guidance, held a coordination will promote, publicize national environmental policy so that the people in charge to enhance environmental awareness, consciousness of serving the overall situation, to ensure that the main responsibility to put in place; the third is Duocuobingju full supervision of the remediation coal-fired boilers demolition work to ensure full demolition tasks to complete the rectification of high-quality, on-site in time for the use of special equipment write-off procedures to monitor and update the information platform, the rectification work will not stay dead; fourth is to strengthen the rectification pin number system and standardize accounting, according to " Qinghai province to implement the central requirements of environmental protection inspectors feedback pin number rectification work approach ", the timely development of ledger collect relevant information, to ensure that the sales numbers for the record rectification work tasks.

Up to now, the central feedback requirements Haidong included the removal of 35 planned coal-fired boilers have been demolished 24 units, of which the county mutual aid, Ledu District, safe area, Minhe County, Hualong County coal-fired boiler demolition has been completed work to complete the renovation work ahead of coal-fired boilers. Next, Haidong will continue to increase coal-fired boilers eliminated, remediation publicity work to do mass persuasion to explain, guide active community participation, active support and cooperation to carry out "ban on burning 'governance activities. Actively persuade pressure coal-fired boiler units to implement the "coal to oil", "coal to gas", phasing out coal-fired boilers high pollution, high energy consumption, encourage economic boiler unit to switch to environmentally friendly, safe and efficient biomass, natural gas, etc. clean energy.

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