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9362 China oil fired vacuum boiler

State supervision policy vacuum 9362 china fired vacuum boiler is what vacuum hot water boiler with high efficiency, energy saving, safe, fast installation, versatile features, what state supervision policy vacuum boiler is? In May 2002, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (SAQSIQ) issued a document clearly defines the vacuum boiler: pressure vacuum phase transition boiler circulation system is lower than the atmospheric pressure. So there will be no explosion. Manufacturers should be manufactured in accordance with standard vacuum phase transition boiler, and bear the legal responsibility to notify the user (including boiler installer) safe use, and to ensure that the boiler system in use is always in a vacuum state. Vacuum phase transition boiler installation unit installation quality to meet the requirements of the production company responsible for the installation. Vacuum phase transition boiler installation meets the above specification, is not required by the boiler quality supervision and administration technology, pressure vessel safety watchdog confirmed, it does not require registration procedures for the use and other related issues. Vacuum hot water boiler water temperature can not provide hot water for different purposes, such as central air conditioning hot water, sanitary hot water, hot water process plant, schools, hotels, offices, etc., it is very suitable for use in these places. Fang fast vacuum condensing boiler thermal efficiency of up to 104%, full Chinese control, multi-level access control system to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, without losing flexibility.

Water quality vacuum hot water 9362 china fired vacuum boiler is what vacuum hot water boiler quality requirements: a body of water to be a softening of the heat medium, late life without supplements. Conventional boiler water quality standards and in fact the same, particularly, a vacuum hot water boiler water quality requirements are the following criteria: 1, the furnace as a heat medium water in the furnace, the whole process is not out of the boiler operation, the increase or decrease, It closed only in a vacuum chamber of the boiler, heat transfer between the heat transfer tubes and the boiler heat exchanger. 2, the cooling water circulating device from high temperatures, less demanding quality of the circulating water. 3, the heat medium furnace needs completely deoxygenated pure water. The only way to avoid the furnace corrosion and scaling. Thus, the boiler water quality is the key, be sure to choose water quality standards, so the life of the boiler over 20 years, or even longer. High speed side vacuum heat produced by the hot water boiler efficiency, non-polluting cleaning operation, in line with low nitrogen emissions requirements. long lasting. Welcome to inquire.

Different specifications hot water 9362 china fired vacuum boiler service life and its relationship with water tube boiler: A boiler for hot water boiler which saw the words, I believe we are already very familiar with, but, for now, is already a certain the accumulation of knowledge, so, based on this, then, the product will continue to learn and understand, so you can continue the research on the current basis, then, deepen this a boiler familiarity and level of understanding. 1. vacuum hot-water heaters and vacuum hot water boiler, there are differences between them? Vacuum hot-water heaters and vacuum hot water boiler, which are two different things, so they certainly are different, it is impossible to exactly the same. Also, if compare to the control system, it can be said that the former better than the latter, because the vacuum hot water boiler, typically using conventional control systems, and vacuum hot water units, it is better to adopt a control system so the job. 2. The hot water boiler in small and large boilers, which on age, whether there are requirements? Hot water boiler small and large boilers, in which the life, in general, there is a certain time is small from 6 to 10 years, about 15 years is large. However, large-scale boilers in use, some of its widgets, will definitely have to be replaced. Thus, in order to ensure the life of the boiler, and at the same time, can have good results.

Shanxi Province is located in China's western areas north of the Loess Plateau, the terrain finished solid, rich products. Thanks to energy supply and price advantage of coal, coke, metallurgy, electric power and other coal industry, the rapid rise of the formation of Shanxi coal-based economies of resource-based industries.

Shanxi Province, but had coal and Xing, but also because of the coal and sleepy. According to the report, "2017, Shanxi Province, coal accounted for the proportion of energy consumption up to 84.6%, higher than the national average of 24 percent, it is 2.9 times as much as the global average of Shanxi to 1.6% of the national land area, consuming about 10% of national coal amount. for Shanxi, winning the battle of blue sky, coal pollution can be effectively controlled is the key.

According to the "Blue Sky Battle Shanxi three-year action plan," issued in July this year (hereinafter referred to as "" Shanxi three-year action plan '') planning requirements, by 2020, sulfur dioxide, total nitrogen oxide emissions are lower than in 2015 more than 20%, compared to strive average concentration of sulfur dioxide in 2015 fell about 50%. Among them, 2020, total coal consumption in 8 cities in key areas to achieve negative growth, the province's coal consumption in primary energy consumption share dropped to 80%, the proportion of the province's coal consumption of coal accounts for more than 55%.

According to Shanxi Province Bureau of Statistics latest data, as of the end of August this year, Shanxi Province, the outgoing power 50.67 billion kwh, up 21.1%; the first half of Shanxi new energy consumptive power grid to complete 15.6 billion kilowatts, an increase of 58.2%, new energy abandoned consumption fell 90.6% year on year, abandoned electricity rate fell 10.2 percentage points.

The past two years the province shut down 52 coal mines, quit production capacity 45.9 million tons, subtract coal production capacity of 9.25 million tons per year, the completion of energy-saving 18 million kilowatts of coal-fired power plants, coal-fired power plants province's average coal consumption of electricity of 320 grams per kilowatt-hour of standard coal. In the first half of this year, the province's above-scale industrial Shanxi coal industrial added value increased only 0.8%.

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