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We have long known that fast a small boiler to heat water this brand, high-tech enterprises in Henan Province, the most influential brand, technology entrepreneurs contribution to enterprise and many other honors, so that our brand is very interested in each other fast. Through this collaboration, proving once again that our decision is not wrong, 15 tons of steam condensing gas boiler provides steam to fully meet the needs of our dairy products processing plant. --customer feedback

Operation of the gas a small boiler to heat water module heat loss in the daily application module gas boiler, heat loss is hard to avoid a waste. Today, as we resolve several major heat loss approach, together with an effective solution to reduce heat loss. First, the furnace heat loss is typically the surface temperature of the furnace should not exceed the ambient air temperature 50 ℃. When gas boiler operation, the surface temperature of the furnace wall, steel, pipes and other accessories than the ambient temperature is high, the outside surface of the heat furnace at this time. The larger outer surface area of ​​the furnace, the insulation performance worse, the greater the heat dissipation. This usually used to solve a more effective insulation material to reduce heat loss to outside the furnace. Second, the mechanical loss of incomplete combustion heat boiler mechanical incomplete combustion heat loss, which is a major heat loss of the gas boiler module. However, in a boiler burning solid material discharged with the flue gas and ash out of the fly ash, are not burn fuel containing carbon particles and correction. These unburned solid fuel reservoir by some mechanical heat boiler is called incomplete combustion gas heat loss. Gas boiler module will also there are cases, such as insufficient combustion boiler fuel, and exhaust gas discharged with the waste. Third, the heat loss of some other component of the gas boiler flue gas heat absorbing side, and the other surface is cooled by water or air. And heat water or air can not back away gas boiler system applications, thereby resulting in the cooling heat loss of the gas boiler. Three heat loss size and the amount of excess air about how much. Excess air coefficient is too large, heat losses will increase, but the chemical incomplete combustion and heat loss of mechanical incomplete combustion but correspondingly reduced loss. Conversely, if the excess air coefficient is reduced, while reducing heat losses, but incomplete combustion chemical mechanical heat loss and incomplete packets lose heat increases.

What are the key points of reforming low nitrogen a small boiler to heat water

The low nitrogen combustion technology has been invented to upgrade to make the low nitrogen boiler retrofit meet the relevant requirements has become a lot of manufacturers are actively preparing and executing things, in Xi'an low nitrogen boiler renovation bidding professional institutions with very high professional level, The low nitrogen boiler reconstruction construction scheme issued by these institutions can quickly respond to the needs of optimization and upgrading of all kinds of boilers, so what are the key points to be paid attention to when carrying out the low nitrogen boiler transformation?

1, it is a process of mechanical and technical transformation and environmental upgrading that requires qualified institutions to complete the retrofit of low-nitrogen boilers. Then, when reforming the low nitrogen boiler, we should ask the organization with the specialized technology and qualification to complete it. The specialized low nitrogen boiler retrofit company can give the standard and reasonable transformation with the excellent technical strength and rich experience.

2, to do a good job in the safety management during the renovation period, the main point that must not be sloppy in the whole process of the actual transformation of the low nitrogen boiler is to pay attention to the safe and smooth upgrading of the boiler. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the personal safety protection of all participants and the maintenance of the equipment core during the renovation and upgrade period, and all upgrading and retrofitting actions should be carried out in accordance with the form of expert norms.

3, another key point of the revamping operation of the low-nitrogen boiler is to do a good job in the observation of the equipment hoisting after the transformation, mainly to carry out omni-directional state inspection on the boiler core functional areas after the transformation. Then the equipment operation of low nitrogen boiler was observed in a scientific way.

First, the combustion efficiency of the a small boiler to heat water Commercial Gas hot water boiler is mainly used for heating and bathing and other aspects of the use, hence the need for all-weather, uninterrupted water heating. Be the first to know when purchasing a thermal efficiency of the boiler. It is noted that the boiler flue gas temperature, excess air coefficient, aspects fuel combustion efficiency, the furnace wall strength, heat dissipation (specifically, the factor that affects the thermal efficiency of the boiler see next article). The level of combustion efficiency of the boiler will determine the cost of boiler. Second, the boiler circulating pump means in a gas hot water boiler entire operation, the circulating pump is one of the most easily damaged component. Should choose the temperature resistance, the use of small noise, vibration boiler, this boiler service life will be greatly enhanced. Third, the boiler protection device is not only a good boiler thermal efficiency and the use of part-resistant, protective device is also very important. When the condition occurs more unexpected low and high temperature, the water level is too high, too low water level, the boiler should have a significant and sensitive alarm devices, to ensure the safety of the boiler. Fourth, the boiler anti-jamming device taking into account the special nature of commercial gas hot water boiler, the boiler needs to pay attention to whether there is anti-jamming device, the device not only related to the life of the boiler, but also related to the stability of the equipment, can not be ignored .

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