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about fire tube boilers

Electric about fire tube boilers support a much electricity heating season: Recently, we received a lot of user's message: electric boiler heating season requires a much electricity use? Electricity and our personal interests are closely related, if the boiler into high electricity costs, even if the user bought, did not dare to use long. Fast boiler for everyone a simple calculation that the cost of electricity.

The estimated price of a 10 ton szs series water tube about fire tube boilers with a pressure of 4.5 MPa is 530,000 yuan. The price of the WNS series fire tube boiler is higher than the price of the water tube boiler. The boiler quotation information will generally be attached to the price of the boiler body and the auxiliary equipment such as the burner according to the customer's needs.

The partnership, fast about fire tube boilers for the user responsible attitude to have left a deep impression on our fireman boiler operation is not very skilled, fast deliberately sent a party of professional and technical personnel for our on-site supervision of installation, commissioning and training to ensure that the latter can operate our good boiler fireman. --customer feedback

The role and principles about fire tube boilers deaerator: deaerator divided type head and a headless type deaerator, boiler generally have matching head type deaerator, large units 1000t / h more than the use of non-tower-type deaerator.

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