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afbc boiler weighing capacity of 75 tons

Advantages and disadvantages of three methods afbc boiler weighing capacity of 75 tons dust and water boiler basic reasons: the boiler this important product website, the following will explain the knowledge to continue work in this area, so that we can have the basis to continue to understand it, but not at a standstill, thus, affect their learning process. Well, since the existing requirements, proceed immediately to it, so as not to waste time. 1. boiler dust, its specific methods or classes, what? Boiler dust, which in particular type or method, there are mainly the following three, are as follows: bag dust: dust removal effect was very good, but the dust resistance is relatively large, wherein the bag is easy to be clogged with dust, and further , it lost its role and effectiveness. Therefore, it is suitable for the small-scale boilers. Water and dust: can also be called a venturi scrubber, its advantages, and is dust effect, but consumes a lot of water, so if the environment in the water, then, is not suitable for use, however, it on the boiler model, there is no limitation. Electric dust: is the electrostatic dust, advantages thereof, and is a good dust removal effect dust resistance is small, and its power consumption is small dust. However, the cost and investment is not low, and large footprint, therefore, suitable for large boilers.

Fang fast low nitrogen afbc boiler weighing capacity of 75 tons why such a high market coverage

Energy and the environment has been the primary problem to be solved in our country, but also China and adhere to the road of sustainable development on the problem must be faced. Boiler as social and economic life of thermal power equipment essential for the development of all walks of life are inseparable from it. At the same time, the boiler emissions of smoke and other substances also increased atmospheric pollution burden, reduce emissions of harmful substances boiler, without delay.

Since more than six months since the afbc boiler weighing capacity of 75 tons equipment, heating and hot water supply well, our technical staff also view real-time remote monitoring and control through the use of the boiler to the scene, Baiyun Quan Lake hotel management staff related to our technical staff gave very great encouragement and affirmation. --customer feedback

Boiler leakage of pharmaceutical and correct operation of the afbc boiler weighing capacity of 75 tons leakage causes and correct operation method pharmaceutical methods commonly used in the pharmaceutical boiler is a steam boiler, in the course of its use because of improper boiler operation, there may be some or that kind of problem where flue boiler corrosion caused by water leakage problem is one of them. The reason for this phenomenon a. Boiler feedwater oxygen scavenging process is not performed, resulting in chemical oxygen should, boiler, or other ingredients of the metal parts, boiler corrosion occurs, not in time for a long time, causing the boiler water leakage. b. routine improper operation, shutdown did not close when the water supply valve or the steam valve main pipe, air into the furnace, and again use the boost, the incoming oxygen is not timely removed, so that in a hot and humid environment caused by oxygen long-term corrosion perforation of the smoke pipe. Precautions: in strict accordance with standard operating a steam oven in accordance with operation of the boiler feedwater standards GB1576-2008 oxygen, reduce the oxygen content, avoid the presence of oxygen, chemical corrosion. b. When shutdown, when the boiler is in the normal high water level shutdown and normal pressure, and then close the inlet valve and the main valve, to prevent intrusion of outside air oven. c. boiler room to keep dry, clean, ventilated, while the process of personnel to operate the fireman to be precise, compliant. d. strengthen valve maintenance, maintaining rigor. In short, there are many reasons causing leakage of pharmaceutical boiler, but if the mistake is due to improper operation caused by the boiler, it should be noted in particular the normative operation, prudence, as far as possible preventive measures.

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