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In 6th Mar, we got a piece of ahmednagar manufacturer of boilers inquiry letter from Cameroon. Our consumer mainly writes, he is an in an canning plant, and wants to purchasing a set of steam boiler for their new factory. And their new canning plant located in Douala, Cameroon.

Installation of electric heating steam ahmednagar manufacturer of boilers gauge of important electric heating steam boiler applications in industrial production and daily life is very broad, but because it belongs to pressure equipment, safety is very important, so essential to gauge the role can not be ignored! So many when customers purchase electric heating steam boiler, pressure gauge choice should be included. Heating steam boilers, each computer must be equipped with a pressure gauge drum (potshell) directly connected to the vapor space, the pressure gauge should be installed in the following areas: 1 before the feedwater control valve; 2 Xingmei separable. outlet;. 3 and between the main steam superheater outlet valve; 4. boiler start separator; 5. DC soda boiler system before the primary valve; 6 forced circulation boiler water circulating pump out pot, inlet; 7 reheat. a device inlet; use electric heating steam boiler gauge shall meet the following requirements: 1 less than the rated boiler steam pressure of 2.5MPa, the pressure gauge with an accuracy not less than 2.5; the rated steam pressure of greater than or equal to 2.5MPa. the accuracy of the boiler, the pressure gauge should not fall below 1.5. 2. The pressure gauge should be selected according to the working pressure. Gauge dial scale limit should be 1.5 to 3.0 times the working pressure, zui good choice twice. 3. The size of the dial gauge should ensure fireman art can clearly see the pressure indicator value, dial diameter not less than 100mm. Selection of the gauge shall meet the requirements of the relevant technical standards, its calibration and maintenance should be consistent with national metrology department. Pressure gauges should be verified before use and indicate the date of the next check. It should draw the red line indicates the working pressure gauge on the dial. We should seal the gauge calibration. When electric heating steam boiler gauge of the following circumstances, should stop using: a finite staple stop when no pressure gauge, the rotation of the pointer is not limiting, the staple at the back; not limiting, in the absence of the staple gauge pressure. from the zero position of the pointer value exceeds a predetermined allowable error gauge. 2. The surface of the glass broken or blurred dial scale; 3. damaged seal or exceeds the expiration date check;. 4 in the table pointer leaks or jitter; 5. Other defects affect an accurate indication of the pressure gauge. Electric heating steam boiler gauge installation should meet the following requirements: 1 pressure gauge should be installed at a convenient location to observe and purged, and should prevent affected by high temperature, freezing and vibration; 2 gauge steam should be set solid. there trap. When the trap steel tube with an inner diameter not less than 10mm. It should be fitted between the connecting tube pressure gauge with electric heating cylinder steam boiler three-way valve, in order to purge the line, unloading change, checking the pressure gauge. Three-way valve in the vapor space should be mounted between the pressure gauge and the pressure gauge trap.

To support employee innovation, the company took out more than 5% of sales each year for technical innovation and product transformation, and the establishment of the Innovation Award and a special incentive fund, for practical gizmos and patented the invention of employees monthly reward. Today, the company has obtained 107 national patents.

Extend the life of the ahmednagar manufacturer of boilers maintenance shutdown (boiler) 1. Within the boiler water off after the shutdown, open for all internal inspection hole hand hole corroded, remove the pot shell and silt debris collection box. 2. Clear fouling heated surface to enhance heat transfer, reduce heat resistance. 3. Check hearth furnace wall, the repair of damaged insulation, air leaks to eliminate smoke leakage. 4. Check each boiler drain valve switch is flexible, the sealing situation is good. The wet boiler maintenance: After pot scale, rust and other cleared, by injection into the boiler supply pump is full softening, oxygen qualified demineralized water, and adding an alkaline solution, the oxygen with the metal surface of the pot water inert to the reaction, the metal from corrosion. Before dosing, and closing the relevant check valve to prevent leakage into the operating system alkaline solution, while preventing leakage of water into the pan operation of the system, so alkaline concentration.

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