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apa fungsi pasir kuarsa di boiler cfb

The chemical industry permeate all aspects of the national economy, is an indispensable part of national development, in the chemical industry production, power generation and supply steam is an important part to meet daily production, circulating fluidized bed power plant apa fungsi pasir kuarsa di boiler cfb has been widely applied in chemical industry.

Boiler feed water and why the chloride ions required to have fire exhaust pipe: apa fungsi pasir kuarsa di boiler cfb feed water, chlorine ion content, whether the relevant requirements? Why is the boiler steam manifold, set fire to the exhaust pipe? And 10 tons of natural gas boiler, its gas consumption per hour, how much is? These questions are important sites on the boiler products, so the following will give a specific answer, so that we have a correct understanding. 1. boiler feed water, chlorine ion content, whether there are requirements? Boiler feed water, chlorine ion content, so far, no relevant requirements, but in the industry, there are some principles. For example, boiler water, the chlorine content should be controlled at 400mg / L or less, which water supply, should be controlled at 30mg / L or less. Further, the chlorine content in boiler water, should not exceed 20 times the feedwater. 2. Why do you want to set fire on the exhaust pipe of the boiler steam box? This measure has specific reasons, mainly there are two, one for the presence of air emissions from the boiler starts, the second is to play the role of a safety valve for overpressure protection and steam emissions. So, we will do so, so, in normal operation and operation of the boiler, can be guaranteed. 3.10 tons of gas boiler, natural gas, then its gas consumption per hour, how much is? 10 tons of gas boilers, if you are using natural gas, then, that in the calorific value, the equivalent of 6 million kcal. If it's gas consumption per hour, the theoretical value is 700 cubic meters, then, taking into account the thermal efficiency of the boiler, the boiler is running on the operating limits, the actual natural gas consumption it turns out, is about 750 cubic meters.

On the ISH heating HVAC industry event, fast Boiler bring new products customized for the paper and packaging industry well-built --- Euromonitor θ5 stunning debut, attracting various participants competing concerns. The product closed condensate recovery system, temperature condensate directly into the apa fungsi pasir kuarsa di boiler cfb design, three-pass boiler with economizer + + structure air preheater for recycling heat from the high temperature condensed water source, the thermal efficiency of up to 95%, to save operating costs with immediate effect.

What are the causes of natural gas apa fungsi pasir kuarsa di boiler cfbs are widely used: In recent years, due to the increasing environmental pressures and an increasingly serious energy crisis, the government has introduced a series of laws and regulations on the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, promotion of new energy sources to encourage, gas-fired attention and widespread use of coal-fired boiler broke the "thriving" situation. With respect to polluting coal-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers, gas boilers use of clean energy - natural gas, less pollutant emissions, higher energy efficiency, in general, more cost-effective. Here follow the fast boiler together to understand the pros and cons of specific natural gas boiler it. 1, natural gas boiler degree of automation is very high, generally need only a simple user interface control, to complete the startup, shutdown and adjustable parameters, labor cost is very low. 2, flue gas condensation recovery boiler is provided with a tail, by the secondary recovery of the high temperature flue gas, so that the thermal efficiency is further enhanced when the gas boiler flue gas temperature is reduced to below 80 ℃, its efficiency can be increased to 108 %the above. 3, the internal gas boiler larger heat transfer area and wings tubes finned tubes, light pipes in general, the heat transfer area can be increased 5-fold compared to the overall area of ​​the boiler is directly reduced about 40%. For less demanding to build a boiler room, boiler room can save capital costs. 4, due to the natural gas boiler using clean energy sources, will not produce the combustion process in the furnace soot and dust, the degree of smoke pollution emissions is also low, truly clean and green, can significantly improve the use of units on-site environment, regional environmental requirements to be high, and has a clear advantage. 5, the choice of materials, natural gas boilers do a great degree of change, anti-corrosion treatment, pipe insulation, packaging materials ...... These measures have made the boiler has stronger corrosion resistance, life will naturally run longer than other types of boilers.

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