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apa yg dimaksud boiler 8 ton

A general increase in the standard of environmental governance, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province closely follow the direction of development policy, will gradually phase out coal-fired apa yg dimaksud boiler 8 tons or adapted for the gas boiler. According to statistics, Huzhou City Nanxun five years has eliminated nearly 3,000 small coal-fired boiler, saving 720,000 tons of coal resources.

Remediation process, district departments form a joint working group, while the seizure of small boilers, while helping business transformation. Behind the small boiler one Taiwan "puff", representing a small wood processing, printing and dyeing, textile and a number of high pollution and high energy consumption enterprises. They only destroyed the visual landscape, but also pollutes the lies to be the region's transformation and upgrading process must break the "pots and pans."

Huzhou referred morning Decoration Co., the person in charge mentioned: "In the past coal-fired boiler pollution does not say, but heating is not stable, press only a day after more than 300 wood boiler replacement, productivity improved significantly, now at least a day. can be pressed more than 500. "this shows once production efficiency improvement, enterprise back to the speed can be increased to a year.

After the disappearance of small boilers, or to benefit a lot of people around. "Our village is known for the production and processing of small wood gathering, the family opened the window every morning before'll see a row of chimneys in the distance 'spit black smoke'. Now grinding temperature, steam generator replaced the original coal boiler, surrounding environment has improved significantly. "FEATURE before the flood who lives in the village of Lao Shi sincerely laments.

Improvement in the area of ​​active removal of small boilers companies subsidies, also made detailed provisions on subsidy amount of different types of boilers. Meanwhile, the district has built South Lake thermoelectric, thermoelectric GCL, Guodian three cogeneration projects, the laying of 200 km of heating pipe network, and the end of last year to achieve full coverage of central heating.

What are the similarities and differences of the transformation of the former coal-fired apa yg dimaksud boiler 8 tons and gas boilers after the transformation? Gas boiler coal-fired boiler is new energy in the transformation of the current common form of transformation of the way, then the gas boiler after the transformation of the former coal-fired boilers and transform what difference does it make? 1 relative to the coal-fired boiler gas boiler is required in terms of pipeline, the storage device does not require the fuel, which saves a lot of transportation and storage costs. 2. Limitations of coal-fired boiler itself, cinder dust and so need to be addressed, while coal-fired boilers do not. 3. Clean gas boiler belong to the nature of the energy in the auxiliary equipment will save more necessary auxiliary equipment, such as dust category, soot-blowing class and so on, it would also save a lot of extra power loss. 4. A gas boiler as the boiler clean energy, pollution, is not conducive to wear problems and less parity boiler, so that smoke can use high-speed, reduce the area of ​​the convection heating surface, then the heat energy of the flue gases will take a certain amount of reducing the thermal efficiency of boiler operation will be relatively high. And these are coal-fired boilers unattainable. Through the above analysis, we can also see the need for a gas coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boiler or change the new energy boiler is relatively large, on the one hand a certain extent, energy savings, lower emissions, on the other hand, the long-term significance on consideration, with the integration of new technologies can also save some input costs.

Low cost CFB apa yg dimaksud boiler 8 ton for bagasse

Because CFB Boiler fuel (and desulfurizing agent) is combusted repeatedly at low temperature with desulfurization reactions under the fluidized bed condition, it is a new generation of multiple-effect, low pollution, clean combustion boiler. bagasse fired boilers are commonly used to heat water and create steam for energy production. Bagasse-fired CFB boiler efficiency can often provide lower operating costs.

Third, do not use over-pressure apa yg dimaksud boiler 8 ton

Since the pressure of the boiler can withstand pressure in the boiler has been used previously to determine a good through precise calculation, it is not freely beyond a predetermined pressure range. Because the thickness of the steel and testing requirements of different pressure boiler used is not the same, if not in strict accordance with the provisions of excess pressure boiler will result in unbearable pressure boiler explosion.

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