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Fang fast low nitrogen boiler why coverage is so high in the market: energy and the environment has been the primary problem to be solved in our country, but also China and adhere to the road of sustainable development challenges must be faced. Boiler as social and economic life of thermal power equipment essential for the development of all walks of life are inseparable from it. At the same time, the boiler emissions of smoke and other substances also increased atmospheric pollution burden, reduce emissions of harmful substances boiler, without delay.

In response to national environmental policy development, improve the quality of people's living environment of the area, Guangdong Province, actively promote the boiler "coal to gas" action. Currently, Dongguan City, "from coal to gas," the work has entered a crucial stage, nearly two months, the city government, city atmosphere Office, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau has organized a thorough inspection teams to supervise the Towns "coal to gas" work . Atmospheric do inspection personnel Lurui Quan admits: "From the inspection situation, many companies on the 'coal to gas' is still in the wait and see attitude, worried about the safety and cost issues."

As of March 25, Dongguan City, 26 companies of 37 coal-fired boilers (except coal-fired captive power plant boilers), it has been out of the 17 units, 14 companies were using natural gas. In addition, 12 companies of 20 coal-fired boilers, is expected to complete phase transformation within this year.

It is expected that in the near future, all industrial boilers transform the use of clean energy, Dongguan sky will be bluer.

When the gas furnace boiler start running, be sure to pay attention to check the observation hole, flanges and valves, is loose, if you find problems in time to tighten, if the problem still find leaks, pay attention to carry out inspection shutdown.

0.05-0.1MPa pressure gas boiler at the time, to pay attention to the problem and carry out sewerage, water supply system and sewage screening test device, but also pay attention to the water level table please system; when the pressure rises to 0.1-0.5MPa time , you need to trap gauge cleaning; gas boiler when the pressure rises to 0.3MPa when the "fire load / small fire" switch to the "fire" to strengthen combustion; gas boiler when the pressure rises to 2/3 rated operating pressure, to start using heating pipes and were aspirated; and pay attention to open the main steam valve slowly to avoid water hammer phenomenon.

Treatment of four-tube Fault in small-sized Oil-fired BoilerSmall oil-fired boiler four-tube is the boiler's water wall, economizer, superheater, reheater. The reason for the high failure rate of the four tubes is that the external working environment is bad, and it needs to withstand the radiation of high temperature flue gas and particles, corrosion, convective shock, local heat irregularity, and the interior contains high temperature and high pressure liquid, gas or liquid gas mixture. Causes such as external wear, poor material, poor welding, corrosion of flue gas, fracture caused by external force or stress and so on, may cause four pipes; leakage accidents occur. The recommended solution is to make use of acoustic spectrum analysis and other techniques to monitor the leakage of boiler four tubes in real-time on-line, to detect its slight leakage in the early stage of failure and to alert it in time, so that personnel can carry out important on-the-spot inspection and safety. Arrange reasonable maintenance, thus avoiding the passive accident maintenance. The widely used method of monitoring leakage is the observation and monitoring of operators in the process of inspection, and the analysis and judgment of the change of steam flow rate, pressure, temperature and water supply by using the parameters such as steam flow rate, pressure, temperature and water supply. The common disadvantage of these methods is that the real-time performance is poor and there is a great lag, and the delay time depends on the intensity of people's attention time, so the method to improve the real-time performance must increase the intensity of personnel's work. However, if the pipeline characteristics of small oil-fired boiler are not found and dealt with in time, if the internal pressure is leaked, it will lead to more serious impact and treatment. Damage, resulting in the difficulty and workload of maintenance, thereby increasing maintenance costs and downtime. This requires automatic monitoring and protection system-based, manual-assisted three-dimensional security management.

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