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auxiliary equipments for 10t steam boiler

The impact caused by paper mill boiler scaling What paper mill boiler auxiliary equipments for 10t steam boilers based mostly in the use of its water if there has been no softening process, is likely to cause boiler fouling, thereby affecting the thermal efficiency of boilers, boiler security, etc., the following small series bring you the impact of its scale for simple understanding. (1) affect the safe operation of the boiler for the paper mill industry, the safe operation of the boiler is more important, in the course of the boiler operation, if the boiler heating surface due to external forces of various substances to be severe corrosion or fouling then, could result in damage to the heating surface, the worst case more dangerous boiler burst pipes and other incidents may occur. (2) result in waste of fuel, the thermal efficiency of the boiler to reduce the boiler fouling phenomena mill, a long time is not performed in time easily result in damage to the boiler heat transfer performance, reduce the heat transfer performance of the boiler heating surface, under such conditions, fuel combustion part of the heat released will be lost, resulting in heat loss of the boiler thermal efficiency to reduce the phenomenon, and that in order to alleviate the heat loss caused by such phenomena, you need to keep adding fuel to improve the low temperature during operation of the furnace, the flue gas temperature low phenomenon, thus ensuring the normal operating parameters of the boiler, this situation will inevitably result in the waste of fuel phenomenon, increasing the mill operating costs of boiler consumption. (3) reduce the output paper mill boiler if the boiler fouling treatment is not timely, so as time goes on, the boiler fouling thickness will be increased, but the furnace grate area of ​​constant volume combustion consumption received certain restrictions, then the boiler output will fall. (4) reduce the life of the boiler boiler scaling processing is not in time, will naturally affect the stability, safety, thermal efficiency operation, the life of the internal components of the boilers and the like operation, thereby affecting the life of the boiler. In short, boiler fouling the dangers of boiler operation is relatively large, so in the course of its operation, it should be timely repair and maintenance. To avoid the phenomenon of corrosion, scaling and so on.

"Safe distance" boiler is how much? Do not let the boiler struck a "spark"! For this special boiler equipment, its installation and boiler room are big construction projects, this is not like we normally use home appliances, on the need to consider the question of how or where to install. A safe distance from the boiler in the boiler room is how much? Safe distance from the boiler and the workshop is how much? Security between the boiler room and the building What is the distance? These data collection is good, boiler go safe "start." A boiler in net distance between the boiler and the boiler room safe distance from the building interior walls of the boiler room, fireman space should be left operating, maintenance and arrangement of auxiliary equipment. 1, spacing auxiliary equipments for 10t steam boiler furnace 1 ~ 4t / h, hot water boiler 0.7 ~ 2.8MW, not less than 3.0m; steam boiler 6 ~ 20t / h, hot water boiler 4.2 ~ 14MW, not less than 4.0m; steam boiler 35 ~ 65t / h, hot water boiler 29 ~ 58MW, not less than 5.0m. Note: When replacement boiler tube furnace, blast furnace spacing should meet operational requirements. For 6 ~ 65t h steam boiler / hot water boiler 4.2 ~ 58MW when setting glue instrument control chamber furnace, boiler to the front end of the control chamber can be set to meter spacing 3m. 2, the channel spacing steam boilers and rear side 1 ~ 4t / h, hot water boiler 0.7 ~ 2.8MW, not less than 0.8m; steam boiler 6 ~ 20t / h, hot water boiler 4.2 ~ 14MW, not less than 1.5m ; steam boiler 35 ~ 65t / h, hot water boiler 29 ~ 58MW, not less than 1.8m. Further, when it is desired sootblowing, stirring the fire, slag, installation or maintenance spiral Cleaner, channel spacing should be able to meet the requirements of the operation. Also add that the distance between the highest and the lowest operating point of the boiler structure boiler room at the top of not less than 2m. Second, no uniform workshop boiler is connected between the boiler room and a safe distance from the production plant, the two must be independent, typically 5 meters. Third, the boiler room and a safe distance from buildings 1, a safe distance from the boiler room and a class of high-rise building is 15 meters: 9-16 refers to a class of high-level layer (up to 50 m height); 2, boiler room and multi-residential buildings the safety distance is 13 meters: 2-9 refers to multi-storey buildings layers residential and other civil construction height does not exceed 24m; and 3, a safe distance from the boiler room to the podium before is 10 meters: the podium with senior connected height generally less than 24m. Note: the outer skirt means high-rise building subject projection range, the height of the building is connected to high-rise buildings of no more than 24 meters annex.

Thirteen Five release plan indicates that China's move towards green development pace firmer, Beijing SASAC Building Materials Service Center from its start, the use of green boiler heating for low nitrogen as the primary task before the onset of winter. SAC Building Materials authorities after preliminary investigation and after the screening, the other fast boiler R & D experience in the field of boiler cleaning two decades expressed appreciation can, in August 2017 signed a five Thalia T6 series one boiler and two vacuum with fast Boiler condensing gas boiler products contract.

In recent years, condensing boilers with energy-saving advantages to the market, into people's side. But there are a lot of people for saving condensing boilers can really skeptical. Fast boiler think, do not look at all the arguments of principle are pale. Today, we take a look, condensing boiler is how it works now.

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