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What gas boiler blowdown regularly asked to pass the gas boiler regularly asked what the sewage? Some people think that the number of gas-fired boiler blowdown increase would be better. In fact, one is frequently sewage waste a lot of heat, affect the stability of the heating steam pressure; the second is detrimental to the boiler water cycle; Third, the drain valve spool, stem packing big loss, leakage, burst pipes phenomenon increases; a fourth is boiler hot stage efficiency of 60%, when the pressure was raised to 1MPa, each additional 0.2% of sewage waste of energy; 1.25MPa when the pressure is raised, each additional 0.5% of sewage waste of energy, when the blowdown rate increase to 20%, energy waste is even greater; Fifth, increase the amount of labor operating personnel. Thus, the sewage must be periodically according to "ground discharge, the discharge less uniform row" principle, sewage at least once every eight hours, provided hand operation.

Fourth, the automatic control system of the type with combined boiler, the system can make the water temperature according to the heating curve operation (error ≤0.5 deg.] C), can be truly "heat demand", greatly reducing heat losses and excessive heat under phenomenon.

In 2013, ZG signed a 280MW circulating fluidized bed boiler contract with a company. From a leadership position in the circulating fluidized bed boilers, the company has expanded its range to provide complete power plants boiler.

"Fast boiler furnace designed larger, flue gas recirculation provides a reliable guarantee of space. In the burner head design of the special role of combustion, high temperature flame at the outlet of the flue gas interference, be it in the furnace again achieve full combustion cycle (inner loop). this design helps fast boiler leading domestic level in boiler technology, ultra-low nitrogen oxide, the recent large-tonnage party fast brand integrated condensing boiler successful signing in Beijing, and successfully help China build the APEC summit venue. "Fang boiler fast technical director, said.

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