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Our company processes in multiple new energy automobile production will need to heat, the bath hot water atmospheric boiler for sale equipment we choose is really a headache, fast Boiler solve our urgent needs. The purchase of electric water boiler system is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, high thermal efficiency, saving a lot of operating costs for our company. --customer feedback

Multi fuel design CFB bath hot water atmospheric boiler for sale fuels

Application: food processing, hospital, school, AAC plant, Garment factory

As a type of gas fired boiler , WNS gas fired steam boiler is designed in three-pass flame tube/smoke tube structure with the rated evaporating capacity of 1-20 ton.The horizontal gas fired steam boiler for sale is characterized by a very compact construction.

First, the most commonly used two tons pressure hot water bath hot water atmospheric boiler for sale is the boiler pressure, the common model WNS1.4-1.0 / 90/70-Q type, meaning that the model is expressed by a horizontal type internal combustion chamber pressure boiler and then , rated evaporation amount of 2 tons per hour, for use in a hot water boiler rated thermal power is visible, so the rated heating power to indicate that the thermal rating of the hot water boiler of 1.4MW, behind 1.0 / 95/70 meaning expression are rated water pressure is 1.0MPa, the water temperature was 95 deg.] C, the return water temperature is 70 ℃, as well as the meaning of the final letter Q is expressed as the design of the fuel: natural gas, town gas based fuel gas . Second, because the two tons pressure hot water boiler pressure boiler belongs to a very small boilers, so not everyone illustrate, here to introduce the characteristics under normal pressure boilers, pressure boilers boiler no respect particularly high demands, but requires its auxiliary must be very high profile, because the pressure of the boiler pressure is stable guards from beginning to end has always been a kind of pressure, thus requiring special fireman on duty, and need a year registration tests, procedures are complex so the current range of applications in the market is very limited.

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