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blue print for horazontal fire tube boiler

Despite a late start in China, but the circulating fluidized bed blue print for horazontal fire tube boiler fuel for its wide adaptability and excellent load regulation and strong environmental performance advantages in China has been developing rapidly, the current total of 35 to 1025 t / h evaporation of different circulating fluidized bed boiler nearly 3,000 units with a total installed capacity of nearly 40 million kilowatts. China has become the largest of the country's total installed capacity of the largest circulating fluidized bed boiler station number in the world. According to forecasts, our 75ton circulating fluidized bed boiler is expected in the "Eleventh Five-Year" for 18% compound growth rate, in 2010--2020 is expected to remain above 14% CAGR.

In recent years, as people's growing awareness of environmental protection, the State also intended to promulgate stringent emission standards for nitrogen oxides. This blue print for horazontal fire tube boiler companies made a mandatory requirement - how to effectively reduce nitrogen oxide content in the boiler flue gas. Therefore, a focus on emissions of nitrogen oxides environmental revolution is quietly boiler industry. But for domestic boilers companies this road is not good to go, because the difficulty of controlling nitrogen oxides and more demanding of the boiler, every 1 mg / cubic meter of emissions control will cause the boiler costs dramatically.

Disclaimer for gas-fired atmospheric hot water blue print for horazontal fire tube boilers:

1. The installation of boilers and other ancillary equipment is technical, in order to ensure the safe operation of atmospheric boilers, non-professional personnel do not install themselves.

2. Any wrong installation (or modification) will certainly cause a lot of inconvenience or great harm to the user (furnace body blow-up)

3. Please install and use in strict accordance with boiler product instructions and relevant national laws and regulations. The instructions are compiled in accordance with the current documents and technical requirements of the State General Administration of quality Supervision and Inspection, the General Administration of Quarantine, the State Economic and Trade Commission and the labor and personnel departments. Otherwise, if an accident occurs in the operation of the atmospheric pressure boiler, the factory shall not be responsible for the operation according to law.

Gas blue print for horazontal fire tube boiler assembly, commissioning and auxiliary equipment are all made at the factory; the place, just turn on water, electricity, gas and sewage pipes can be put into operation, it will not delay your schedule.

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