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Boiler water treatment boiler company enjgineeng projecut in coimbatore is a kind of industrial boiler. In recent years, with the approval of this kind of equipment, it has been applied in many industries. Practical application shows that it will be treated with water in the process of use. So, do you know what the reason for doing this is? Through the analysis, it is found that the main causes of boiler water treatment are as follows: 1. Prevent scaling and sludge accumulation; 2. Sulfate and silicon: sulfate and silicate often precipitate on boiler metal without forming sludge, which is more difficult to prevent precipitation; 3. Iron and sodium: dissolved or suspended iron also deposits on the metal surface. Due to the high solubility of sodium compounds, usually Deposit occurs only when water is nearly evaporated; 4. Hardness: salts of dissolved calcium and magnesium are called hardness. Hardness deposits on the surface of the pipe when water evaporates to produce steam. It is easy to precipitate because of the low solubility of calcium and magnesium compounds in water, which reduces the heat conduction and causes the tube metal to overheat. The hardness of natural water varies from several ppm to more than 500ppm, and the high pressure boiler can only allow 0 / 2 ppm.

In recent years, Siyang County town chrysanthemum industry as part of the ecological projects to enrich the people in the choice of chrysanthemum drying equipment, the county Environmental Protection Agency proposed to replace coal-fired boiler company enjgineeng projecut in coimbatores to electric boilers idea. Part chrysanthemum growers is objected that the idea costly and cumbersome, but after analysis and explanation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the power company personnel, electrical boilers have a deeper understanding of the use of electric boiler can not only improve drying chrysanthemum chrysanthemum quality and product phase, it did clean, safe, and there are various government subsidies, while coal boiler if the government out of the use, post-investment costs will be higher. At present, the boiler "electricity for coal" action has been noticed.

In recent years, Siyang County uphold the "gold and silver mines that lies to" development concept, vigorously implement alternative energy projects, alternative energy gradually extended to grain drying, drying fruits and vegetables, herbal drying and bathroom, hotels, restaurants, businesses and other industries. Siyang county party secretary said: "Winning 'Battle of Blue Sky', shouting slogans alone are not shouting to the sky, or from the 'coal to electricity,' 'oil to electricity' these specific things to start, through the implementation of alternative energy engineering, elimination of high energy consumption, low-energy-efficient equipment, the progressive realization of ecological priority, green development goals. "

Since 2016, the county completed a total alternative energy companies, service unit 686, phase out coal boiler 1336 units, to complete alternative energy electricity 256.69 million kwh. Energy saving alternative to business spending, reduce production costs and improve their efficiency and realize a production of "zero emissions" to protect the party clear water and blue sky. In mid-November, Siyang County was selected as "the second batch of national ecological demonstration counties civilization."

1 ton gas steam boiler company enjgineeng projecut in coimbatore combustion chamber of a large volume of design: one ton steam boiler produces steam boiler gas is a ton of steam or heat to generate understanding of one ton per hour of steam, gas and 0.7 MW steam boilers, 60 million cards per h gas steam boiler capacity quite. Using the latest technology, high volume combustion chamber design. Configuring world famous burner, combustion more fully, more efficient, lower failure rate. Advanced corrugated furnace structure, i.e., increased heat transfer area, the free expansion satisfies the heated furnace. Using threaded pipe, heat transfer, to eliminate welding stress. Wet-back structure can be ranked high, low maintenance costs. Over-temperature, overpressure, water, leak detection, flame and other protection, safe and reliable operation of the boiler. 4 tons automatic gas steam boiler a low noise, high efficiency four tons gas steam boiler burner arranged good technical performance, the use of automatic combustion ratio adjustment, automatically adjust the water supply, the program start and stop, automatic operation and other advanced technology, and have low and low level alarm level, high vapor pressure, flame automatic protection function. the boiler has a compact, reliable, simple, quick installation, low pollution, low noise, high efficiency .1, overall gas steam boiler reasonable structure, is compact, is a boiler island meet this condition quickly factory factory composed of three parts; boiler host, chimneys and piping system, wherein the host section has been completed and the stack in the manufacturing plant, the host supporting the pipes and valves, the meter has been properly installed randomly, transported to the site host and to stack assembly. site gas supply is turned on, power supply, water line to test. shorten the installation period, and can ensure product quality boiler .2 advanced design performance. the overall structure of the boiler host belongs, the burner assembly of the smoke front cover, the main body portion of the combustion chamber and the heating surface arrangement having the structure Li, compact, low consumption of steel, with a bias waveform furnace furnace, the insulation layer is made of new lightweight insulation materials, packaging using a color sheet, a rectangular parallelepiped outline package, the boiler performance, weight, frame size, appearance styling products, compared with the domestic capacity has significantly advanced nature and beauty perception. the boiler feed water device configuration to make it on the right side of the boiler and boiler base host for one, do not need another .3 foundation, water recycling is simple, pressure component structure is reasonable, in the case to ensure water quality is safe to run .4, ancillary equipment complete, comprehensive technical performance advanced six tons of gas steam boiler brief

2, coal-fired boiler company enjgineeng projecut in coimbatores into different types of gas-fired boilers

After transformation if, when the output of the gas boiler is increased, it is necessary to adjust the auxiliary equipment and steam pipes; boiler output is reduced, the host can only need to replace the boiler, auxiliary equipment can continue to use the previous device.

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