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Hot water boiler components and functions maintenance during maintenance shutdown hot water boiler shutdown period: Xiao Bian below to introduce the hot water boiler maintenance fast boiler is well known in Henan, China's most northern end of the heating season is six months, from October 15 to 4 May 15. In industrial production, hot water boiler to the heating in winter can be used. After the winter heating season, the hot water boiler will be idle. To ensure the normal operation of the hot water boiler next year, can not relax to maintain idle period. 1. When idle, the boiler water is discharged and should be placed in a ventilated place. 2. Cracking furnace boiler for hot water maintenance problems, professionals should be repaired, if necessary Lubricate or anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the furnace. three. Different methods and disintegration downtime 1, boiler water drained, draining suction process when the boiler is shut down three days or less, ammonia and hydrazine before shutdown, feedwater PH value to 10 or more, and then a certain pressure the drainage furnace, keep the system dry. 2, the film formation method when the amine protecting the boiler stopped more than 4 days, the protective effect of the film formation is preferably an amine, such as stearyl amine protection, i.e. before the shutdown should be added to a suitable liquid to vapor octadecylamine protection system for protection. 4. Different methods used during the non-disintegration of the stop 1 and, maintaining the gas hot water boiler pressure method: discontinued within 1Od, discontinued before increasing ammonia, hydrazine dosage of the feed water to raise the pH above 10, to maintain the boiler pressure. 2, gas protection law: outage if more than 10 days, in the gas phase protection, protection of the boiler for a long time. Fifth, the gas hot water boiler shut down for maintenance Desiccant method, the boiler water temperature dropped to 100-120 (?) All C is discharged, the water in the furnace, the dry heat boiler metal surfaces, all of the scale, the slag within the system clean, and a desiccant to keep dry the metal surface, to prevent corrosion.

Chinese wine culture has a long history, wine blend. In the process of making wine, almost all wine prices are inseparable from the brewing process steam, we can say the stability and quality of steam purity of the wine production plays a decisive role. Lefort Wine has been committed to producing high-quality wine products, December 2016 No. 1, Lefort wine and I signed a one 4 tons of steam condensing steam boiler components and functionss, the company continues to provide high-quality wine work steam.

Heating boiler components and functions description

The development of science and technology has brought about earth-shaking changes in our living standards. Cold is a big obstacle in people's lives, and the cold has taken away many lives. But now, the cold has been basically overcome. Centralized heating facilities are developed in major cities. In addition, there are heating facilities in various areas such as office buildings, commercial areas, residences, hotels, etc. In some places, air conditioners are used to regulate the temperature, but more are heated by heating boilers.

Treatment of non-conforming products of Fangkuai boiler components and functionss: 1. In the process of workpiece processing due to abnormal causes and quality standards do not meet the requirements of workpieces, are non-qualified products. Fill out the disqualification notice by the full-time inspector, state the condition of the non-qualified goods, report to the responsible engineer for quality inspection. The quality assurance engineer summons the quality inspection responsibility engineer and the related responsible personnel to analyze the abnormal quality, judge and make the decision decisively. The responsible engineer for quality inspection shall fill in the notice for handling non-conforming products, and the relevant responsible persons shall sign the notice, and upon approval by the quality assurance engineer, the inspection shall be carried out by full-time When the worker arrives at the shutdown procedure, the rework process for the welds of important workpieces and pressurized components shall be formulated according to the relevant regulations and approved in accordance with the procedure. 2. After repair, according to the three inspection procedures, fully meet the requirements, submitted to the full-time inspectors for inspection, confirmation, signature, continue to carry on the process flow. 3. Parts can not be used by reasonable repair, or lost value of use, parts can be judged as waste. Discarded products shall be filled out by the responsible engineer for quality inspection, and the responsible person shall sign the non-conforming product processing notice, and the quality assurance engineer shall sign the opinion before it is scrapped. 4. Non-conforming product handling After signing opinions on scrap column, full-time inspectors mark waste products with red paint on scrap workpieces, send them out of the site in time and store them in special waste areas. 5. Liability for non-conforming products: the successor shall be responsible for any failure to carry out the transition formalities. The operator shall be responsible for any non-conforming product produced by the operator with the help of the apprentice or other person, or because of the absence of drawings, the absence of a processing notice, and the violation of process discipline and operating procedures. The workshop and the company shall be punished according to the degree of responsibility and the size of the loss.

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