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The fast boiler feed water hydrazine treatment related personnel monitoring center, started after the boiler, the boiler pressure, exhaust gas temperature and other sensors will automatically collecting various kinds of boiler operation data and real-time transmission through the mobile network to a remote monitoring center located at the headquarters of the fast boiler ; operating data once abnormal or deviation, the monitoring center monitoring personnel can detect and organize experts to analyze and issue alerts and corrective measures.

Check the contents of the auxiliary boiler feed water hydrazine treatment operation:? 1 fan: Manhole closed tightly, the bearing temperature indicates the correct temperature <70 ℃, front and rear bearings normal oil level 1 / 2-2 / 3, bearing oil level is normal, backwater normal, return water temperature <40 ℃, shaft vibration <0.1MM, string axis <2 --- 4MM, the normal rotation of the fan, without friction, abnormal sound, no smell. 2, the motor Motor no loose anchor bolts, screws shroud wheel well, firm ground line, front and rear bearings normal oil level, the oil level gauge clarity, good oil, bearing temperature <70 ℃, motor temperature <100 ℃ motor shaft shock <0.1MM, string axis <2 --- 4MM, the normal rotation of the motor, no friction investigation, different tone. 3, the baffle: an inlet baffle adjustment operation flexibility, good link is coupled with the actuator, indicative of the correct scale, the local switch - remote control - the position of the outlet shutter flexible movement of the link mechanism is coupled perform well, indicating proper scale , local switch, the - remote control - the position of 1 / 2-2 / 3.4, petrol stations normal oil tank, good oil, hydraulic oil pressure adjusting 2.5-3.5MPA leakage of hydraulic oil oil oil return to normal, lubricants 0.4 --- 0.5MPA filter differential pressure <0.05MPA, lubricating oil normally adequate oil return, the system no oil, the cooling water flow, normal tap water, the return temperature <40 ℃.

Gas boiler feed water hydrazine treatment explosion-proof doors set to open at the sudden increase in pressure combustible gas explosion or rupture, releasing high pressure gas, thereby reducing damage to the gas boiler body, to ensure the safety of the boiler room.

The use of gas-fired boiler feed water hydrazine treatment would bring me any good: environmental management and maintenance efforts in continuous improvement, people on the ecological environment is getting high. Low thermal efficiency, high-polluting coal-fired boilers began to withdraw from the stage of social development, to be replaced by more environmentally friendly gas boiler cleaning equipment. Then, using a gas-fired boiler, give users what good is it?

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