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25 counter-measures in preventing over-pressure drum boiler for 112 flat building overtemperature provisions What? (1) prevent boiler water shortages and over-temperature overpressure operation, non-operation (2) in the case of low water table quantities (refer to correctly indicate the water level of the water table number), participated in the boiler safety valve splitting the power peaking, operating procedures should develop appropriate technical measures. Press peaking boiler design, the peaking should match the performance of the steam turbine performance of the non-peaking boiler design, its lower limit should hydrodynamic Peak load calculation, test and stability test to determine the combustion, and to develop appropriate anti-accident measures. (3) evaporating section of the once-through boiler, a separator, superheater, reheater outlet conduit wall temperature and the like should be intact measuring point to monitor the temperature difference between the tubes, to prevent overtemperature squib. (4) boiler overpressure valve hydrostatic testing and tuning should be carried out strictly in accordance with regulations. (5) high-capacity boiler overpressure safety valve hot water pressure test and calibration work should develop special safety precautions, to prevent too fast or boost pressure, steam temperature and over-temperature overpressure caused by runaway phenomenon. (6) the overpressure in the boiler and the hot pressure test valve tuning prohibited non test personnel at the testing site.

How to choose the boiler for 112 flat building company? Forced by energy savings and increased production demand, many factories after prolonged use of boilers, boiler need to be, in order to extend its period of use, while improving efficiency and save more energy, and therefore the market with the transformation of a lot of companies can meet this need, the face of numerous correctional institutions boiler, we should be able to find how to choose a company specializing in the transformation of the boiler it? First, to find the transformation experienced were because boiler is a dangerous and difficult job of operating large, as long as the master during the transformation process to operate in strict accordance with the steps in order to avoid the risk of accident, while looking for an experienced teacher to transform deal with the case, it will avoid many of the risks and small accident, it will be more convenient to everyone in the problem does not occur during the later use; second, to find a fair and reasonable price of the boiler because the company has a lot, uneven levels of specification, then the price there will be a very different, a lot of people, when looking for the transformation of the company, will take into account the transformation of the price, you can let a company to valuation, then pay more contrast, looking for a cost-effective transformation of the company's high, generally trustworthy boiler the transformation of the company on price will be the price tag for your choice; third, to find a regular professional boiler because there are many companies, but a little scale, formal professional renovation company rarely, as is the work of the technical operational, we it's easy to overlook the formalization and specialization, many people will order to save costs That have no formal qualifications or not the company is not certified technology to transform, but this will be due to immature technology transformation caused by the failure; above is to teach you how to choose some references boiler company, we can from the experience, size, price or services up comprehensive comparative consideration, If we want to find a good local boiler, then Xiao Bian suggest that friends must first consider the company's strength, so as to make the boiler more complete and correct, thereby enhancing production efficiency .

Large volume of combustion chamber. Large volume design can meet a variety of needs. In order to obtain low thermal load, the boiler for 112 flat building chamber with a large capacity can guarantee the full combustion of the gas or liquid fuel. the temperature can be spread evenly so as to avoid the blocking and protect the tube and the baffle.

Heilongjiang provincial government to respond positively to win the Battle of Blue Sky policy action plan issued by the Ministry of ecology and environmental protection, recently issued "on the issuance of Heilongjiang Province to win the Battle of the sky three-year action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan").

"Plan" requirements, as of 2020, the province of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are decreased year on year in 2015 to more than 11%; PM2.5 did not meet the concentration level and above cities fell year on year in 2015 to more than 15% , and above the level of urban air quality days ratio reaches 88%, and more heavily polluted year 2015 the number of days decreased the ratio of 15% or more.

"Plan" put forward 47 specific measures from nine aspects, namely: to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, promote the formation of green development; speed up the adjustment of energy structure, build clean energy systems; actively adjust the transport structure, the development of green transportation system; optimal adjustment of land structure, promote urban and rural non-point source pollution control; strengthening regional joint prevention and control, to effectively deal with heavy pollution weather; sound regulations and standards, improve environmental economic policies; for strengthening the infrastructure, strict environmental enforcement inspectors; clear responsibility for implementation of the parties, strict accountability assessment ; strengthen information disclosure, mobilize the whole society to participate.

"Plan" requirements, strictly control the total coal consumption.

1, in accordance with the focus on the use of coal and clean use of principles, focusing on reduction of non-coal for electricity, coal and oil to promote alternative energy by 2020, cities (prefectures) Coal accounts for the proportion of energy consumption fell by 1.5% compared with 2015.

2, bulk coal strengthening control, adjustment and optimization of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, the use of high-pollution fuel control, bulk coal alternative strengthening. Clean steadily heating, promoting the use of clean coal and clean energy.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers, to carry out level and above urban area 10 steam tons / hour coal-fired boilers and "clear" action. Improve energy efficiency, we continue to implement the dual-control operations total energy consumption and intensity.

4, accelerate the development of clean energy, and orderly development of wind power, biomass power generation and actively promote the construction of hydropower development focus on the promotion of river basins, and strengthen the development and utilization of geothermal energy exploration, increase renewable energy consumptive efforts.

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