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Gas boiler for garments industry in korea gas pipeline system design is reasonable, not only economic but also for investment and operation of gas supply systems also have a significant impact in ensuring safe and reliable operation of gas boiler great relationship. Therefore, it must be given adequate attention in the design.

There are a few big happy event in life, conclude, than the following: drought every winter rains, foreign land refresher, the wedding night, pass the examination, as well as being hit Awards. In March this year, planned by the fast Boiler Group hosted the second session of the boiler for garments industry in korea room] [best photo contest Huobian country! Fans actively participate in activities perfect ending. Gain a lot of excellent photographs, the Group established a review panel for the competition each photo a rigorous review, and ultimately selected a first prize, two second prize, third prize 3. In addition, the panel of judges based on the results of online voting to elect Choice Award six.

Environmental steam boiler for garments industry in korea want to adapt to the market must improve quality! Steam boiler comes to environmental protection, I think it is for the general public is still relatively unknown. But for some industrial enterprises, steam boilers are household names, the steam boiler is a necessary tool for high temperature operation, can help workers in the industry. To accomplish this, now, the steam boiler is also applied to various fields.

Pakistan customer will setup 300ton CFB boiler for garments industry in korea in the year of 2017. Serveral days ago, Pakistan customer visited our factory, During discuss about boiler technology and related things, we got know that they want using biomass fuel to heating CFB boilers. They said, sugar cane is their main fuels to burning circulating fluidized bed boiler in his place. As we know from our technicians, they will design a muti-biomass suitable cfb boilers for this customer.

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