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New Year, fast group a pedestrian square took New Year's blessing and good wishes of the children, carrying tens of thousands of learning and living supplies, the warmth given Anyang City child welfare children.

Warm with a traditional boiler for hot water alibaba or gas condensing boiler good? Home to install floor heating to warm the boiler residents know also divided the style in Europe with more is gas condensing boiler, while the country are traditional boilers, but now many families have gradually mounted up. And compared to traditional boilers, gas condensing boiler exactly where fortunately it? First, the traditional boiler for domestic use is the gas and air mixture combustion in accordance with a certain proportion of high temperature smoke produced, so that the heat took part, resulting in inadequate heating. Condensing the gas condensing boiler technology during combustion, the water vapor condensation heat is generated in the smoke than conventional boilers saving of about 20%. Secondly, many people feel that the price of gas condensing boilers more expensive than a traditional boiler, that cost is not high. In fact this idea is wrong, is about to leave after basic winter to warm, and now gradually rising gas costs, gas costs of traditional boilers consume to much higher monthly gas condensing boiler can save some gas costs, it is still very Cost-effective. Furthermore, the service life of conventional boilers in about 15 years, while gas condensing boiler is generally about 25 years. Since the internal heat exchanger at high temperatures will cause damage to the parts, with the domestic water quality is poor, the scale is easy to produce pipes the contents at a high temperature, heating more slowly, the heat consumption is also increased. Regular cleaning fee and installation of water softeners, costly and time consuming. However, due to the different air quality and water quality at home and abroad, leading to foreign imports condensing furnace combustion is not very suitable for domestic gas, pipeline corrosion and prone to clogging, so to clean up the maintenance on a regular basis. This is why some families domestic unacceptable. Finally, the gas condensing boiler now after the market has been improved to some extent to meet the domestic household use. Van der force gas condensing boiler energy conservation not only in winter heating, domestic water in other seasons also play a role in conserving resources. The traditional boiler there is a certain danger in Shihai burning, we can weigh before making a choice between the two.

3 ton gas fired steam boiler for hot water alibaba can supply steam during the process of biscuits production. WNS 3 ton gas fired steam boiler is a typical three-pass, wet-back horizontal firetube boiler. The first pass in this gas fired steam boiler flows through the furnace from front to back. The furnace of this steam boiler is corrugated to maximize efficiency while also minimizing thermal stress. Flue in the gas fired steam boiler gasses then travel from the combustion furnace to the front chamber forming the second pass. For the third pass in this 3 ton gas fired steam boiler gases flow through tubes to the back of the boiler stack and out the exhaust vent, located conveniently in the back of the boiler. The second and third passes travel through heavy-duty seamless tubes in this 3 ton gas fired steam boilers for biscuit company.

Industrial boiler for hot water alibabas Defects Defect Analysis industrial boiler analyze the cause industrial boiler plant boiler Class B, rated working pressure 1.0MPa, rated temperature 184 ℃. The use of unit management personnel, operations personnel safety awareness is not high, not strictly enforce the boiler safety management system, boiler water (medium) quality system; the water softener fails, safety consciousness, not timely maintenance. The company location no water, use of pond water. Since untreated pond water containing suspended matter, colloidal matter large excessive, and dissolved substances. Water hardness, long-term use, inside the boiler large amounts of sediment, the carbonate and concentrated attached to the inner surface of the casing pot, water wall tubes; fireman failure to periodically discharge of the sewage system for the boiler. Since the interior of the waterwall tubes attached to a thicker scale, lack of reliable water supply water wall, resulting in performance degradation wall heat transfer, caused by overheating of the metal, plastic deformation strength decreases, under pressure inside, generating bulge, deformation, severe boiler explosion occurred.

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