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boiler for swimming pool company

2. Expert firing system with high efficiency cyclone

3. Improved boiler efficiency up to 90% and advanced desulfurization process

Based things, cloud computing, big data technology, fast Boiler actively exploring innovative operating mechanism boiler for swimming pool company safety, independent research and development of the boiler cloud services on-line monitoring system. This system realizes the remote monitoring of the boiler, real-time understanding of boiler operation data and other functions to ensure the healthy operation of the boiler in the state, to achieve the lowest energy consumption and minimize emissions, safe and secure, which is equivalent to each boiler is equipped with a " private doctor".

"The challenge has always been to design a boiler for swimming pool company capable of reliably firing difficult-to-burn agro biomass while at the same time increasing steam temperatures to achieve high power plant efficiency," said by the President and Chief Executive Officer of ZBG. "This particular CFB incorporates many advanced design features that enable the Polaniec plant to achieve a net plant efficiency of over 36%, based on the fuels lower heating value, while firing solely biomass containing up to a 20% agro component."

The advantage of horizontal chain grate boiler for swimming pool company

The efficiency of the horizontal chain grate boiler is higher: The spiral gas tube is placed inside the boiler, so there will be no cool air enter. This can reduce heat loss and the working rate of this boiler is highest.Horizontal chain grate boiler heating fast: There many spiral gas tubes in the boiler and almost half of the boiler shell can be heated, so the temperature can up soon and the time was shorter than the water-tube boilers.

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