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Xinyang purchase cast iron boiler industry in malaysia, which has several things of note that many consumers buy cast iron boiler, because there is no experience skills, do not always know how to get started. Because quite a few models of cast iron boilers, as well as different layouts, different manufacturers, many of whom are still do not know what to buy, and later continued to teach the public to buy a small number of knowledge. First, buy the right cast iron boilers, cast iron boilers need to be clear layout, the equipment should be arranged with the commissioning, should also overhaul, so be sure to be reasonable layout can smoothly. In addition, each cast iron boiler pressure part of the saturated steam, while you are with the process of consuming part of this unit should also pay close attention to when buying a cast iron boiler models, to count good supply and demand and then make a purchase. Then, should pay attention to the one hand, there are a lot of cast iron boiler with a device, there are some good assist effect can be best used to reduce consumption and conserve resources. Therefore, in the days of the purchase cast iron boiler, one or more of these items be sure to pay close attention, in order to buy the right goods, the best use of convenient use.

Fault boiler industry in malaysia long, short sootblower: sootblowers is essential for an important part of a boiler, its role is to purge the ash heating surface, heating surface remains clean, in order to improve the heat transfer effect, to ensure that the thermal efficiency of the boiler, to prevent the heating surface of the coking device. It points both long and short, then, the next will come to tell you what it's common faults and solutions: 1, long soot blower common failure symptoms: (1) failed to start and soot blower soot blower is not from the back. (2) leakage into the boiler soot blowers. (3) at the inner tube was sealed severely sootblower steam leakage, water leakage poppet valve lifting rod. (4) steam inlet flange sootblower steam leakage. Analysis: (1) the control part of the fault. (2) motor failure. (3) firing barrel deformation or Jam. (4) damage to the valve body and the valve seat surface binding. (4) sootblower boiler tubes, damage to the poppet valve packing. (5) an inlet flange sootblower graphite spiral wound gasket failure damaged. Treatment: (1) an electric contact personnel check and control system of the expansion power supply line La on whether the device. (2) an outer barrel furnace boiler sootblower bending portion rapidly burn local manual hand-crank or exit from the barrel as the slide bearing support readjust and corrected barrel, the barrel as serious deformation should be replaced with new of. (3) isolated after the individual valve lift system maintenance, disassembly of the poppet valve and the valve seat and the valve body is polished with a special tool maintenance, such as severe damage to the valve seat or the valve body and replaced. (4) the inner tube packing isolated after replacement of individual systems, note moderate tightening gland studs. (5) to replace the gasket flange. Preventive measures: (1) strict inspection process. (2) to strengthen the inspection, to detect problems in time.

The Fangkuai Group's unique full-operating boiler industry in malaysia operation laboratory has an annual operating cost of more than 5 million yuan, which can simulate the operating conditions of various types of boilers under multi-operating environment conditions. The laboratory provides technical tests such as test and inspection, analysis and evaluation, data evaluation, energy saving and environmental protection, and special software from materials to complete equipment, hardware to software, and even complex large systems.

Whether the boiler industry in malaysia can move equipment and whether there is a security risk? Boiler, it can be said, it is an important site for the product, so its knowledge and understanding, must be carried out, but also can not be sloppy, otherwise, the learning is not compliance. So, in order to reflect the importance of this product, the following will continue to explain knowledge in this area, at the same time, you can let everyone in on the familiarity and level of understanding, has increased. 1. boiler, whether it can move equipment? If so, then what is the specific steps? Boiler, whether it can move equipment, mainly to see its useful life, if its useful life is over ten years, then the shift is not installed. If it meets the requirements can move equipment, then, on the specific steps are as follows: Special to the location of the handle to move equipment Quality Supervision Bureau boiler application - newly installed boiler at the site of Quality Supervision Bureau of the Ad Hoc handle to move equipment to inform - pot supervisory inspection seized by the installation - and put into use.

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