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Electric steam boiler industry in trichy needs to pay attention to what use? Electric steam boiler needs to pay attention to what use? Using electric boilers should pay attention to prevent water shortages check: When using electric boilers must pay attention to the amount of water in the system is sufficient, because the job is electric boiler to heat water by electricity, so as to achieve the purpose of warming. If the water is not enough, it will inevitably lead to electric boilers work flow, and damage inside the original electric boiler, there may also be a serious security risk, so in a timely manner to solve the water shortage in the electric boiler system is still very important. Check the electrical system of the boiler water level from time to time, ensure that the water has been able to solve this problem very easily above the water line and electric boiler itself as well as automatic protection function, the alarm automatically, so please do not worry too much, regular electricity boiler, the system checks it. Electric boiler tube reasons: 1, the heating tube during use, the voltage is unstable, while voltage increases as the current increases the heating tube cause breakdown. 2, using heating tube during dehydration can cause breakdown of the heating tube; 3, the temperature control system malfunction, breakdown can also cause the heating tube; 4, heated tube surface fouling, reach a certain receiving, heat is not good, will heating tube causing breakdown.

Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act in response to the latest published Jiangsu Province, located in Jiangsu province of Cao Town since early this year, began to focus on governance and the elimination of coal-fired boiler industry in trichys. To date, the town out of a total of 43 coal-fired boiler units, a total of about 71 tons of steam, in which companies with 40 boilers, complete phase-out of coal-fired boilers tasks.

To effectively promote the phase-out of coal-fired boilers, the town set up a special action group to formulate a list out of coal-fired boilers, one by one clear remediation programs, and implementation of staff responsible for tracking, deadline for shutting down out of the implementation of clean energy alternatives. After elimination coal-fired boiler, the town has 11 enterprises to adopt steam heating pipe, four companies use light diesel oil or liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel, there are eight companies using biomass as fuel particles. Next, town center environmental services will continue to improve long-term management mechanism, and further increase the intensity of coal-fired boiler inspections of enterprises, consolidate the results of rectification boiler, to create "green Cao port" escort.

Fuel gas-fired boiler industry in trichy fuel gas burner operating method Burner method of operation! Consistent body oil-fired boiler and gas boiler, supporting auxiliary equipment is probably the same, the choice of different burners. Selection based on oil-fired boiler and burner gas-fired boiler: the heat value of the fuel, the fuel composition ratio of each component. (A) Fuel Burner: ① the power switch on the main power; ② start switch is pressed, the burner motor starts i.e., spark ignition electrode, after the pre-blowing time of about 7 seconds, i.e., the solenoid valve to automatically open the nozzle mist discharge, a flame after ignition spark. At this time, the photoelectrode and then stopped 15 seconds delay ignition, the burner into the normal working; ③ If the ignition is not successful, the flame is not formed, or photovoltaic systems fail to sense flame brightness, after a safety time of about 25 seconds, the alarm system operation, the cutting burner startup procedures, failure red light. ④ The red light failure, the subject 3min before pressing resume button to restart the burner; ⑤ damper position should match the size of the nozzle, has generally been adjusted at the factory, but with different pressure generated in the furnace difference is adjusted until the burner flames, the mixture was adjusted to align the air flow duct, the air volume is too small will produce smoke, excessive wind will blow out the flame, the flame stabilizer generally is not appropriate for the black smoke. (Ii) Gas Burner: main switch is turned on and the temperature control switch, power transmission to the control box, a valve is opened through short "self-test" after the waiting time, the controller starts up the burner, the combustion gas from the head discharge gas is ignited, a flame, a flame to a flame probe probe, the flame continues to burn and ignition stage to complete the operation. If the ignition failure or malfunction middle fire, gas solenoid valve will close within one second. Red button on the controller will be shiny surface intentionally "locking" To unlock the reset button is pressed, the red light off to start again. After successful ignition of the burner, adjust damper position of the burner head and gas flow to the burner well and meet the load requirements. Fuel gas-fired boiler burner configuration wide variety of brands, users must be carefully chosen, select the appropriate type and brand. The same type of fuel gas steam boiler and hot water boiler burner model configuration is slightly different!

Function of lever type safety valve for industrial boiler industry in trichyIndustrial boiler lever type safety valve is divided into single lever type and parallel bar type. Because they act on the valve core through the heavy torque of the lever and the weight hammer, they are used to balance the steam (water) pressure, also known as the weight hammer safety valve. Stem (heavy hammer) safety valve is mainly composed of valve core, seat, lever, weight hammer, limiting device and so on. By using the weight of the weight hammer, the valve core is pressed on the seat by lever, and the position of the weight hammer is moved to change the weight torque to adjust the opening pressure of the safety valve. When the boiler pressure exceeds the pressure of the weight hammer acting on the upper part of the valve core, the valve core is lifted out of the seat and the steam is discharged. To boiler pressure below heavy When the hammer acts on the pressure of the upper part of the valve core, the valve core falls down and the boiler stops exhaust steam. The safety valve is simple in structure, convenient in adjustment and reliable in performance, so it is widely used in boilers. The general horizontal bar safety valve is suitable for low pressure boiler, and the parallel bar type safety valve is suitable for medium and high pressure boiler.

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