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0.5 tons chemical plant steam boiler level gauge glass assembly What is the price: 0.5 tons chemical plant steam boiler price? Current mainstream tonnage of steam boiler lot of companies are basically used in more than 1 ton, but there are still many small businesses need boiler not so large tonnage, most recently in a fast food enterprises boiler pre-sales consulting to 0.5 square tons of steam boiler price, to 0.5 tons, can be counted as 0.35kw of power. Gas consumed in one hour is about 35 cubic meters. The amount of steam generated within one hour of factors affecting the price of chemical plant steam boiler 0.5 tons .0.5 tons mainly boiler and boiler auxiliary two large pieces. Boiler fast boiler according to national standards for production, and even some parts of just greater than the national standard. Auxiliary also see this customer's own choice of domestic and foreign brands are there, you can consult our detailed pre-sales staff. Currently, fast boiler 0.5 tons of steam boiler price of around 60,000, including conventional auxiliary equipment, installation, it needs to be negotiated. Welcome to the majority of enterprises to fast boiler to visit, study.

7, energy

Energy saving investment costs directly linked to the boiler, the more the lower the energy-saving boilers, investment costs, so we need to choose energy-saving effect of a good gas-fired boiler.

Ignition: initial temperature and pressure need rise slowly, generally from the initial boost to the working pressure about appropriate 3~4h , water meter should be cleaned one time during this period. At the same time observation of biomass steam boiler level gauge glass assembly pressure gauge on both sides are the same, and need check whether have steam leaks in the hand-hole or other place.

Subsequently, the Secretary-General Wang Jiao Ling line with the company's quality control staff had a discussion on the case of the reform of administrative licensing review of the existing boiler level gauge glass assembly model in the country, how to promote the development of high quality assessment boiler, with the assessment of how businesses, trade associations and work promoting industry innovation and innovation to lead the development of what the expectations and demands, boiler regulations and technical specifications and implementation issues recommendations related issues exist in the process conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and Lu, president of the company's quality management staff made a lot of valuable Suggest. Wang Jiao Ling Secretary-General spoke highly of the technical aspects of the advantages of fast Boiler green energy and green development, and other fast-outstanding contributions boiler industry group to promote environmental protection and efficient process affirmed.

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