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Why low nitrogen boiler lng fired supply more environmentally friendly easy to use? Low nitrogen boiler is a new boiler, through sophisticated rational design allowed a higher thermal efficiency and flue gas emissions in line with national environmental standards, no pollution on the natural environment. So now many companies purchase equipment from an efficient and reliable supply of low nitrogen boiler manufacturers to replace traditional boilers. Here's a look at why the low nitrogen boiler will be more environmentally friendly to use. 1, the outer loop techniques using smoke emissions standards prompted by the use of this technique, the boiler can be low nitrogen tail portion of the boiler flue gases, combustion air inlet is sucked into the machine through a stainless steel flue gas duct into the combustion air after mixing the furnace and the like. In this way can effectively reduce the temperature of the combustion zone, while reducing the oxygen concentration in the combustion zone, and ultimately reduce thermal NOx generation amount, it is possible to lower NOx emissions so that the flue gas of the boiler in a low nitrogen with conducive to the protection of the atmospheric environment. 2, the combustion surface using the premix achieve ultra-low emission surface premix combustion technology is an advanced "seamless woven wire" technology, special alloy woven into a wire mesh, a low nitrogen gas and air when combined boiler after precise mixing can be generated in the metal short fiber tufts wire mesh type flame, the combustion is more uniform, the ease of formation of a local high-temperature region, it is possible to effectively suppress generation of thermal NOx, the combustion can not only play the role of silence, but also great effect to achieve ultra-low emission 3, using the heat insulating material to reduce heat loss Q table of low-nitrogen stainless steel pipe used as a boiler flue gas duct, in order to energy saving, the use of very low thermal conductivity of the rock wool insulation insulation layer on the outer pipe , whereby heat radiation loss can be ensured a small boiler, and beautiful and practical.

Steam boiler lng fired supply brand so much, how should you choose? I have to say the past two years because of environmental issues, large and small boiler plants are beginning to make improvements after another, producing boilers, following small series to teach you a few precautions purchase, hoping to help you. Steam boiler brand so much, how should choose purchase Notes:? 1. Look manufacturers qualifications and strength. This is a very critical issue, boiler belong to special equipment, not authorized qualified countries, is not allowed to manufacture the boiler, if this proposal is to buy a large boiler, be sure to site visits to manufacturers, to prevent the bite. 2. Look at the structure of the boiler. For a mature producer, its structure is very reasonable, depending on whether it is simple to operate. 3. Look boiler appearance of the material, because this device look forward to the president in a dark place, if the material is not good, the appearance of a long time will rust, it will affect the efficiency of the boiler. 4. See Pressure. Currently the state more than 30 liters of boiler water level belong to special equipment, if you do not want to go to filing the annual inspection, then select the number of boilers, have to look at its water capacity is more than 30L. 5. Look above the boiler safety components is perfect. Three security component included in general boiler safety valve, level gauge, pressure gauge. Indispensable.

(1) were compared with two drum rinsing water table, check if the indication is correct. Full drum water level tables turn on the water door, turn on the water and then slowly close its doors, as there is water in the water table appears, and water levels continue to rise full of tables full of water and has not been proven boiler lng fired supply water level gauge steam over the side of the tube, press the emergency shutdown process.

Six days this month, Changsha, Hunan Furong District Arts Road street to carry out special safety inspection of boiler lng fired supplys.

Inspectors focus on examination of the health and safety management of boiler equipment, whether or not the gas boiler passed the test, whether to establish safety management systems and procedures, whether set the security authorities, whether with full-time security officer, determines whether the operator a valid work permit for employment, boiler operating records, inspection records and shift records are complete and so a detailed investigation, while eliminating the risk management and operational aspects of the boiler in existence.

In this inspection, the implementation of the following three major check the contents.

First, we must implement the main responsibility for security, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and safety specifications, and resolutely put an end to illegal operation, strengthen the management and monitoring of equipment, hazard, earnestly implement the responsibility to the people, and ensure safe and reliable operation of special equipment.

The second is to strengthen the advocacy training for boiler operators to improve their ability to deal with emergency breakdown or accidents, improve safety awareness boiler operator, firmly establish the concept of safety first, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Third, low nitrogen and urge reconstruction work carried out boilers to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, reduce concentration of nitrogen oxides, air pollution prevention.

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