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Boilers that use gas to burn water, boiler ming 7 7 inis that use gas to heat water, boilers that use gas to produce steam for work, and so on, all belong to gas-fired boilers. A boiler that uses gas to heat hot water also has a name, a boiler that uses gas to provide heating, and a boiler that uses gas to boil water and then bathe. The boiler can be inferred from its name that the burning raw material used is gas.

Nongfu Spring has been committed to the production of natural and healthy drinking water, only after a simple filtration, without changing the water quality, maintain natural water features indicators, unswervingly follow the environmental, health, natural path of development. Fast boiler ming 7 7 ini since its inception, focused on research and development of clean boiler design, adhere to the concept of environmental protection has become condensing gas boiler industry leader. The same faith, the same dedication to promote fast boiler and Nongfu Spring work together to create new environmental future.

Those matters relating to optimal control of boiler ming 7 7 ini combustion

Boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment. Under the condition that other links of power station system have been developed and perfected, boiler combustion system has become the main link of energy saving and saving in coal-fired power station. At present, with the improvement of burner technology, it has been able to adapt to the combustion of all kinds of fuels and loads, but the new requirements of energy saving and emission reduction in electric power enterprises make the combustion of utility boilers not only meet the steady combustion, It also meets the requirements of high efficiency of combustion process and reduction of pollutant emission. Therefore, further optimization of combustion process and operation is needed. Today, we'll take a closer look at it.

(2) Strictly control the boiler ming 7 7 ini water quality target. When the scale content in the water wall tube reaches 400mg/m, it should be pickled in time;

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