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An upper end fixed to the waterwall boiler power plant hind drum, since the large amount of expansion is small bending Wall smaller capacity expansion compensation itself, so that the lower end is free to expand. Wall downward swelling amount can be calculated in advance based on the temperature and the material and height. If Stoke process water wall downward expansion value does not match with the design, may be blocked the downward expansion. Uneven heating or water wall, should try to eliminate, or will cause excessive thermal stresses within the waterwall tubes.

The meeting also outstanding performance in 2016 was in recognition of outstanding dealers, Lu president called on everyone confidence, walk hand in hand, writing a new chapter in the rapid development of the fast side. After the meeting, the participants went to the factory, gas boiler power plant hind laboratory site visit. Then, fast boiler dealers a VIP Tong Fu Australian business communication, to visit and learn advanced foreign technology. The meeting has come to an end, fast-party reseller partners to do with the group to explore strategic, content exchange, policy interpretation, experience sharing, so that the two sides closer together, you and the dealer is confident it can work together under the leadership of the party soon Group creating a potential win-win future.

At present, the sales of gas-fired boiler power plant hinds are mainly agent sales, the quality of various brands of gas-fired boilers in the process of sales is uneven, gas-fired boiler products are easy to mislead consumers to buy. There are mainly the following problems in gas boiler market: there is a big difference in price of the same type, different brand factors, different material standards for boiler use (such as steel plate sub-national standard and non-national standard), There are also great differences in the after-sales service provisions of different agencies in different regions.

DZL series chain grate low pressure steam boiler power plant hind

DZL series chain grate steam boiler is horizontal type and designed with three return system, single boiler drum and fire-water tube structure. Our DZL series boilers are specially designed and optimized with rated evaporation capacity from 2 to 10 tons/hr and rated working pressure from 1 to 1.6 MPa. The design heat efficiency is up to 81~82%.

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