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“Tonne” or “steamed ton” is a popular term for borrowing a steam boiler sale in vietnam. It means that the heat supplied by the hot water boiler every hour is equivalent to the absorption of a certain mass (usually expressed in tons) of water from 20 ° C and full vaporization into steam. The heat.

Gas boiler sale in vietnam, environmental protection and environmental protection the new force of the word have been common, but it can really achieve environmental protection of the people are few. Now with the emerging social technology products, a large number of industrial waste arising therefrom, for causing serious environmental harm, especially some require combustion boiler manufacturers, the smoke discharge of sewage is very serious. Whether smog or industrial waste water for hazardous environments are very large, so in order to be able to do a better job of environmental protection, the government called on people in the use of the boiler must choose to use gas-fired boiler. Use the boiler is that many companies have, and the reason is because the boiler to provide heat energy in industrial production needs of the people, but the general boiler during use due to the problem of fuel leads to a lot of smoke and waste water, such an action would It will cause great pollution. So if we want to use the words of the boiler must choose to use gas-fired boilers, the reason is because the more environmentally friendly gas-fired boiler. Boilers for environmental pollution caused mainly due to the fuel, but if you are using a combustion boiler, then it is not such a situation. Because the fuel gas-fired boiler is mainly natural gas, such an action would not be so much waste material present in the combustion process, naturally, will not appear so much smoke to affect the surrounding environment. Government requires people to use gas-fired boiler is to reduce environmental pollution, as compared to the general terms of better environmental protection boiler gas boiler work to do, so we need to use gas-fired boilers to environmental protection work in helping us produce at the same time.

The party soon provide us with three hot water boiler sale in vietnam output foot, gas combustion, efficiency is very high, for us to save a lot of fuel costs. Moreover, these hot water boiler can be achieved by adjusting the full 24 hours a use hot water to meet the daily needs of old people. --customer feedback

what is boiler sale in vietnam pressure?

The boiler pressure usually referred to in the boiler industry means the force perpendicular to the unit wall area of the vessel, generally expressed as "Mpa", and can also be expressed in terms of "psi", "bar", "kgf/c㎡" and "atm". A boiler is an enclosed vessel that provides a means for combustion heat to be transferred into water until it becomes heated water or steam. The hot water or steam under pressure is then usable for transferring the heat to a process. When water is boiled into steam its volume increases about 1,600 times, producing a force that is almost as explosive as gunpowder. This causes the boiler to be extremely dangerous equipment that must be treated with utmost care.

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