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In the event of a serious natural gas leak in the boiler sq 1000 zsg heat output room, the following phenomena will occur: The working pressure of natural gas has changed. Strong airflow can be heard near the source of the leak. Hand-held alarms make an unusual noise. When the leak is high, the fixed alarm will give an automatic alarm and automatically turn on the exhaust fan. Serious will occur boiler body or natural gas pipeline explosion, fire and other disaster accidents.

Conditions that cause corrosion of boiler sq 1000 zsg heat output gas What? Gas boiler corrosion are the users' lack of knowledge caused by hot water heating. Particularly among the large number of additional water hazards is the worst, it not only has added a lot of dissolved oxygen, and because the large amount of replenishment, water treatment equipment overload, often in order to ensure a high fill water rinse and the failure of the chloride content up water into the system. PH value of water is low since the furnace, the higher the concentration of hydrogen ions, the hydrogen cathodic reaction will be carried out at the ulcer corrosion. When the dissolved oxygen present in water, the presence of chloride will greatly increase the corrosion rate of iron, which is composed of water and chloride ion can easily be substituted by oxygen ions adsorbed in the oxide film, the oxide film of the metal surface, so as to form soluble chlorides breaking the oxide film, the metal surface is etched down to continue. Ideal Gas boiler system should not substantially leak tight, there is a fixed amount of process water circulating in a cycle to perform endothermic heat within the system. These circulating water through which the dissolved oxygen has all been absorbed by the iron, and become oxygen-free water, no serious corrosion of boiler.

Fast Boiler Co., Ltd. is a really truly think about your clients practical solutions to business problems, this recommendation after this water-tube boiler sq 1000 zsg heat outputs put into use, the quality inspection departments, the nitrogen oxide emissions, soot and other indicators They are in line with national standards, but also very full of fuel combustion, high thermal efficiency, saves us a lot of fuel costs. This cooperation, I am very satisfied. --customer feedback

Select the boiler sq 1000 zsg heat output plant in Henan precautions with the overall level of China's economy to gradually improve the industrial sector for the supply of heat energy demand is constantly rising. As a traditional industrial boilers heat supply equipment on the market we can still have a very big demand procurement. Then customers in select boiler plant in Henan when what issues need attention to ensure good quality of Shandong to buy gas boiler? First, pay attention to the relevant qualification conditions boiler plant boiler plant is qualified customers in the selection process of the boiler plant in Henan, among all relevant considerations relatively important aspect. Therefore, in the procurement process must view these boilers companies bank credit certificate and other documents relating to qualifications, in addition to viewing and relevant evidence to prove boiler manufacturing standards promulgated by the state of international quality certification system and other documents. Second, pay attention to how the boiler plant of word of mouth reputation in the market is a matter of all customers buying products or services when they are needed attention. So when customers select boiler plant in Henan's when you need extra attention to how they are in the middle of consumer word of mouth. Customers can already enjoyed from the boiler plant in Henan sales service products among buyers who understand the relevant circumstances. Third, pay attention to environmental indicators boiler currently in the country to promote energy-saving emission reduction situation under the new selection of Shandong gas boiler needs to pay special attention to environmental regulations. Henan Boiler Plant has been in a variety of environmental requirements of national standard to arrange production plan of work in the factory, so long as customers choose to buy these high environmental boiler products will be able to ensure the long-term safety of using it. Overall customer in the choice of Henan Boiler Plant in the process there are three more important precautions These precautions include pay attention to see boiler plant boiler manufacturing qualification documents such as proof materials, but also pay attention to manufacturers and service levels in the consumer market reputation middle level, in addition to more need to pay attention to the selected boiler plant in Henan the products of environmental indicators.

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