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In the square, accompanied by Mr.?Mahbubul fast group of professional boiler super heater tubes foreign trade, the group visited two intelligent production workshop, national R & D center and a full laboratory conditions has been the recognition and appreciation Mr.?Mahbubul. Not only is our company's hardware conditions attracted Mr.?Mahbubul, results in the software also lets Mr.?Mahbubul Gee praised. Mr. Mahbubul it comes to the process of communicating with us, the boiler can not guarantee the purchase of multinational concerns about the safe operation of the boiler; and our unique remote monitoring cloud service system is just perfect solution to this problem.

Boilers that the right to adjust the amount of wind will help environmental protection boiler super heater tubes think is right and the wind blowing amount adjustment amount of help the environment, but under certain conditions can also play to save energy. The boiler can be determined at the first measuring point in the regulation of air volume above a suitable value of carbon dioxide or oxygen, and then compared with the measured value, to determine whether the air volume needs to be adjusted. If the negative pressure in the boiler and flue operation, the outside air from the furnace will be retaining wall or door is not tight and leak into the flue, obviously more to the rear flue, the flue gas. The higher the value. Therefore, when carbon dioxide or oxygen table table monitoring boiler blower, consider the impact point before measuring air leakage, to determine the value of the boiler suitable carbon dioxide or oxygen at a test point in the actual operation, to arrive at exactly the most good air excess factor is difficult. The adjustment is generally in the combustion flame does not appear dark or black smoke unstable premise, to minimize the amount of air, i.e. oxygen reduced or manager maximize carbon dioxide. During combustion adjustment, in addition to adjusting the amount of air into the furnace, adjusted with air it should also be noted. Boiler induced draft furnace pressure is one of the important operating parameters. The negative pressure outlet during normal operation of the furnace should be 20 ~ 30Pa. When the furnace pressure is too high, leakage will increase the flue and the furnace, the heat losses increase power consumption and increase the induced draft fan; the other hand, if the furnace flame and smoke occurs within the positive pressure, will be sprayed into the furnace Shanghai outside, it will not only affect the environment and health, and even personal accident burns may occur. Therefore, adjustment the combustion process, while adjusting the amount of fuel and the air blowing in, but also adjusting the wind furnace pressure according to the change address the chamber negative pressure is maintained at normal values. When the boiler load increases, the amount of the wind must first increase, then increasing the air supply; the other hand, when the boiler load is reduced, prior to reducing the amount of the wind, to reduce the air supply must first. The furnace pressure was adjusted to the final required value. For positive pressure combustion boiler, the wind volume adjustment issues. Easy to adjust the amount of wind boiler easy, can easily meet your needs, sincerely welcome your advice and business negotiations.

Boiler load plummeted how to deal with? Plummeted boiler super heater tubes load means: (1) steam flow plummeted, soaring steam pressure. (2) found the treatment is not timely boiler safety valve operating will result. (3) decreased instantaneous boiler water level then rises, a high level alarm signal. When the safety valve seat, the water level decreased rapidly, may cause low water level alarm signal. (4) When the transmission switch trip, to swing each of the auxiliary ammeter have abnormally, the flash lighting. Load plummeted reasons: (1) an outer line switch trips. (2) steam turbine emergency stop. (3) Isolation Valve core valve or the main valve off. Processing steps: (1) The table indicates drum water level, steam and feedwater flow meter, automatic to manual feed water, to adjust the water level. (2) The rise and decline in steam pressure load, and timely Kohiki off, air supply, stop grate, holding BOILERS, open superheater hydrophobic. (3) timely adjustment of desuperheating water gate, so that the steam temperature is normal. (4) If the discovery process is not timely, the pressure exceeds the safety valve operating pressure, and when the security gate does not move, should Stokes Exhaust electric door open, until the normal pressure. (5) make contact with a load preparation, monitor and report the value of long. (6) accident, checked the action over the security door situation, is closed tight.

Steam boiler super heater tubess and hot water boilers 3:00 contrast mixer works fast boiler company of Henan editor that works with you about steam boilers and hot water boilers 3:00 contrast mixer 1. If there is a longer steam boiler when downtime must also consider disabling factors. Quick steam boiler at startup embodies the advantages of energy-efficient, and can save an average of 5% to 11% of energy; and a hot water boiler in a normal, energy loss is still under continuous operating conditions: heat by radiation and chimney source loss. And hot water boiler after discontinuation of a long period of time, take a long time to recover back to normal working condition. 2. A hot water boiler can provide a lot of hot water, high pressure wet steam and superheated steam, but it can only achieve a pressure of 32bar. In today's technical conditions, hot water temperature can reach 240 deg.] C can be achieved, the steam flow can reach 45t / h. From the viewpoint of the current epidemic, there is provided the use of wet steam is flash steam boiler ideal solution: hot water boiler provided with wet steam (relative humidity of 2% to 3%) compared to the wet steam boiler to provide steam quickly relative humidity only 0.5%, so that the steam pipe can reduce the harm caused by steam condensation, has a very good thermal conductivity in use. 3. The steam boiler due to less water therein, the furnace can be thinner wall thickness reaches a predetermined steam pressure in a very short time, and can maintain a stable pressure value constant when the load changes. It does not need to be monitored under certain operating conditions. Because less water during its operation, and therefore belonging to Class III or Class IV predetermined level of operating safety equipment. The use of hot water boilers, boiler when the pressure exceeds a certain capacity and specifications must be put into use before the application for a license. When working mixer, a relative rotation of the two rotors, the material from the feed port into the nip by sandwiching crushing and shearing of the rotor, after passing through the roll gap across the top tether sharp edge is divided into two parts, back and forth along the gap between the rotor and the back wall above the nip. Week flowing around the rotor, the material is subjected to shear and friction everywhere, the temperature of the rubber material rises sharply decreased viscosity, increases the wettability of the surface of the rubber compounding ingredients, rubber compounding ingredients with a sufficient contact surface. Agglomerates with gum ingredients through the gap with the rotor and the rotor, and the rotor, tied at the top, the inner wall of the mixing space, is sheared and broken, deformation of the rubber surrounding the stretched, stabilized state in the crushing. Meanwhile, the ribs on the rotor so that the axial movement of the rotor in the rubber plays mixing stirring, the mixed ingredients in the rubber compound. This repeated crushing shear compounding agents, gum repeated deformation and restoration deformation, the rotor ribs continue stirring the ingredients uniformly dispersed in the rubber compound, and reach a certain degree of dispersion. Due to shearing mixer mixing rubber mill being larger than the opening, the high temperature batch, batch mixer such that the efficiency is much higher than an open mill.

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