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boiler tender i mpumalanga

3, the boiler tender i mpumalanga structure compact, small size, light weight, sufficient output.

4, the upper and lower longitudinal holes was disposed drum means checking both the rear door of the furnace and the flue to facilitate routine inspection and maintenance.

Henan local fast energy secondary gas steam boiler tender i mpumalanga using the principle of utilizing thermal energy, scientific combustion collector configuration, to replace the traditional steam boil cabinet structure, since the collector combustion compact structure. Fuel combustion thermal efficiency up to 93%. Using high-quality stainless steel, heat quickly, corrosion turbid, high quality insulation measures the outside, so that the inner tank in a short time to reach the vaporization temperature, outlet steam temperature up to 110 degrees, continuous automatic water inlet means continuously vaporized. Structure than the conventional boil under the same conditions of use efficiency of 40% to 60% energy. Whole configuration automatic control circuit, including hydraulic, pneumatic, gas, water slightly during operation of the abnormality, the machine automatically cut off the gas inlet valve.

How are gas-fired boiler tender i mpumalanga explosion, and what means can suppress explosion

Since spring, our Tai'an, Shandong, Sichuan Mianyang and other places have occurred in a boiler explosion, causing casualties and damage a large area, as well as serious adverse social impact.

Looking back at 2018, we in the Group 'professional life, work lean, "the core values ​​of the correct leadership, and achieved fruitful results. "Fine positioning, precise process, continued optimization" is the connotation of professionalism we adhere to, in Group tireless efforts of all staff, we have made a number of break points to first academician workstation as the representative of the boiler tender i mpumalanga industry, which in the whole boiler industry are unprecedented achievement, for which we are very proud!

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