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The project is used in the pharmaceutical industry, a SHX25-1.25-H circulating fluidized bed combustion saturated steam boiler water how much the ph, which is used for heating and production.

Open squares fast enterprise panoramic VR, you will see, clean and beautiful multi-functional digital exhibition hall, intelligent remote monitoring center cool, futuristic clean boiler water how much the ph laboratory ...... these scenarios, presumably at the end of the phone you've got unlimited visual impact! VR panoramic view from the top, you have a new business on the traditional boiler awareness of it? From science to technology, from science fiction to science and technology, from science fiction to the future ...... we can personally feel, is to redefine the boiler "vision of the future" is the development of clean energy, "new ideas"!

The waste heat recovery system raises the temperature at which absorption of SO3 , and the addition of water, takes place during the production of sulphuric acid. By operating at these higher temperatures, the heat of absorption and dilution can be used to generate steam instead of being rejected to a cooling tower. The change which makes this possible is the discovery by Monsanto Enviro-Chem that several commercial alloys are resistant to corrosion at high temperatures if sulphuric acid strengths are kept at greater than 99%. Through studies and process design changes, Monsanto developed a way to operate in the narrow band of acceptable temperatures and strengths, without degrading plant performance. The heat recovery system replaces the normal inter-pass tower with a two-stage absorbing tower, a recirculating pump, heat exchangers and a waste heat recovery boiler water how much the ph. The tower is made from stainless steel and contains ceramic packing. Gas containing sulphur trioxide leaves the converter system and enters the heat recovery tower near the bottom. It passes upwards through two packed beds and a mist eliminator before leaving the tower at the top. The lower stage performs most of the absorption and is run at a temperature necessary to generate the steam. The upper stage uses a low flow of cool acid to provide trim absorption so the tower can meet emission targets. A special high efficiency distributor system is used in both stages because the system is operating very close to chemical equilibrium limits.

Production technology strength based manufacturers. Quality distinguish gas condensing boiler water how much the ph should also be appropriate for the respective manufacturers technology to master the ability to identify, manufacturers set up long-time capital chain solid and reliable, unique technologies have a set of complete condensing boiler mature production technology, and have a gas condensation boiler function improvement and development, it is a strength of the manufacturers out of the production and processing of natural gas condensing boiler equipment performance worthy of belief. Visual evaluation of the equipment in accordance with long-term customers. Identify quality gas condensing boiler can be confirmed by evaluation of success stories of the user whose company served, hot gas condensing boiler inevitable large number of factories and supply the various customers of gas condensing boiler equipment, and has for many users the highest rating aftermarket, quality, service attitude. Gas condensing boiler has a high reputation of the evaluation also shows that it is recognized by the market.

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