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Traditional coal-fired boilers for alcohol distillations inefficient and highly polluting; high fuel boiler operating costs, but also by pipeline constraints, the cost is too high; gas-fired boiler using natural gas as a clean fuel, soot content itself has very little, or even negligible, excellent environmental performance, loved and recognized by many enterprises and government departments.

From March 18 to start, Lujiang County, Anhui Province north of the Market Authority on the area of ​​internal security to carry out a special inspection of boilers for alcohol distillation pressure boiler; To ensure the safe operation of this special equipment, complete elimination of security risks.

The inspection mainly troubleshoot and eliminate hidden dangers in the management and operation of the boiler links exist, focus on examination of whether to establish safety management systems and procedures; whether to set security management or part-time security management staffing; whether workers with valid work certificate for employment; boiler operating records, inspection records and shift recording is complete; if the boiler for the use of registration; whether the inspection within the validity period; check valve is within the validity period, the pressure gauge whether the test within the validity period. Up to now, law enforcement officers dispatched 27 people, focus on examination of 12 times the focus of special equipment supervision units, hospitals, schools, boiler 20 times, do not meet the specified use in accordance with the boiler "Special Equipment Safety Law of People's Republic of China." requirements, issued a supervision instructions, requires immediate rectification unit, for there is no regular inspection of boilers or unqualified, shall not be put to use.

What is heating boilers for alcohol distillations and furnaces and run time Description: boiler safety valve, which is how long automatic and manual drain again? What is and stove? And, if the boiler is only used for heating, then at runtime, what requirements? These issues are on the boiler, and also we must know and master, if you want to fully understand this important site boiler product, then, so the next, will soon be answered, good to improve learning efficiency. 1. The boiler safety valve, which is how long you want the automatic and manual drain? Boiler safety valve, which then, which is an automatic pressure relief alarm means from a professional standpoint, its main role is exceeded when the boiler pressure opens automatically relieve pressure work, the pressure was reduced to a predetermined range Inside. When the boiler pressure returned to normal, it will automatically shut down, so that you can ensure the safe operation of the boiler. So, to sum up, it is an important safety accessory, which automatically discharge, usually once a month, and manual drain, it is carried out once a week.

F rice husk power plant boilers for alcohol distillation in Thailand is the use of advanced technology and fast fluidization of rice husk pyrolysis and gasification technology, rice husk particles will be a device into a high-temperature thermo-chemical reaction of gaseous fuel in a fluidized bed gasifier , the gas after dust removal and cooling, in addition to the coke to the gas purification in internal combustion engines for power generation, gas can be used as urban and rural residents living. Thailand is one of the largest rice producer in the world, and a huge amount of rice husks are utilized as a boiler fuel. Fluidized bed system, either bubbling or circulated, is employed for its combustion.

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