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Coal-fired boilers for small steam engines not only seriously polluted air, which produces a large amount of waste water sludge can also cause serious water pollution and soil contamination. To protect the city of Tongren green water blue sky, since 2014, led by the city of Tongren City, Guizhou Bureau of Quality Supervision, of 10 steam tons / hour within built-up areas and Tongren City High-tech Zone, Economic Development Zone, Tai Lung range and below, in Guizhou tobacco industry limited liability company Tongren cigarette factory, Tongren City, drug rehabilitation centers, Tongren Wantong construction and development Co., Ltd. and other 36 enterprises of coal-fired boilers to carry out an intensive diagnostic investigation. One by one on the ground to verify the registration, and the companies signed an undertaking to ban coal-fired boilers eliminated; to effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, according to the spirit of the document, to take the initiative within the time limit or eliminate the use of coal-fired boiler unit to switch to clean energy, the after review and acceptance Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, according to the amount of coal-fired boilers hour evaporation reward, award criteria tons of steam per 30,000 yuan subsidy.

Up to now, the city of Tongren out of 36 coal-fired boiler units, a total of 43.051 tons of steam, an award subsidies 1,291,530 yuan, so far, the city of Tongren jurisdictions total phase-out of all coal-fired boilers, and lay a good foundation for the creation of ecological civilization demonstration area.

2, boilers for small steam engines water oxygen content: ≤0.1mg / L;

3, water hardness: ≤0.03mmol / L;

2, Kai hot water boilers for small steam engines furnace operation

When Kai furnace again, should open the circulating pump, the water in the system to achieve the normal cycle, open the induced draft fan, blower, start the grate and the coal system, gradually recovered coal combustion. When the shutdown longer required pressure furnace, combustion should preferably seam, after clearing slag, then covered with a thick coal seam fire pressure.

How fuel steam boilers for small steam engines discharge sewage: (1) get inside the drain valve open; (2) break open very slowly outwardly drain valve, allowed to warm to sewage discharge pipes and; (3) a plurality of times switching outwardly drain valve slowly flush the furnace scale, the scale can ensure discharge; (4) on the inside of the drain valve closing the drain valve remains between the two discharging water; (5) outwardly closing the drain valve, to terminate the discharge of sewage. What matters Fuzhou look out which brands are hot water boilers gas boilers | oil-fired boilers | steam boiler Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

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