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brand wns type steam boiler in malt factory

After the low nitrogen gas boilers also need to do a professional transformation maintenance it? The purpose of the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, is a transformation measures carried out taking into account the environmental benefits of boiler operation basis. After the low nitrogen gas boilers also need to do a professional transformation maintenance do under normal circumstances, the transformation is complete, do a discharge test, to detect the transformation of compliance with standards;? Put into operation after the transformation is complete, nitrogen oxide to be done again emissions testing to ensure normal operation, the normal and orderly discharge. Next, remove the boiler during operation in this regard, the need for regular repair and maintenance, on the one hand to avoid abnormal operation of the boiler, that is not timely phenomenon, on the one hand because the quality is not up to avoid boiler or other causes damage or corrosion and other phenomena, security risks. In short, both before the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler or after maintenance work can not be ignored, but also to ensure the safe operation of the boiler an important task.

By the economizer boiler body + + + condenser condensing gas boiler auxiliary boiler composition; auxiliary equipment mainly includes: a control cabinet, a burner, supply pump, condensing circulating pump, an economizer, sub-cylinder, chimneys and the like.

April 4, 2019 morning, Xi'an Beilin haze iron-fisted rule to organize the use of gas-fired boiler unit of area businesses, held a 2019 low nitrogen gas boiler renovation work Publicizing.

The meeting mainly to accelerate the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler Beilin, the ecological environment Beilin Branch Office investigator, neighborhood offices iron-fisted rule haze Director; area involving boiler 2019 user units, boiler enterprises, related to the monitoring unit responsible comrades total of more than 180 participants. Ecological Environment Agency Beilin Branch Comrade security level currently in Xi'an ambient air quality situation, problems and countermeasures were presented. Ecological Environment Agency celebration party strongman rule Beilin Branch Office Director haze on the transformation of relevant documents and carry out propaganda premium policy interpretation. 2018 transformation of the user units China Qiyuan Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Comrade Yang Ann introduced to transform the experience of last year. Finally, the ecological environment Beilin Branch Bureau researcher Liu made a concluding statement:

(3) The boiler with a steam pressure of 7.84 - 10.8 MPa at the outlet of the high pressure boiler. The current parameter series of power station boilers in China, the outlet steam pressure of high pressure boiler is 9.81 MPa, and the outlet steam temperature is 540 °C.

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